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Top 5 Items You Need When Moving Into a New Place

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When you're getting ready to move into a new home, there are certain items you will need. Besides obvious things needed to live comfortably day-to-day--such as like food, furniture, and appliances-- there are other items that are just as essential.

The following are what we consider the five most vital items you need bring with you when you first move into your new place:

A complete set of tools.

You may not be the handiest person on the planet when it comes to fixing things, but you should absolutely have your own tool box in case something breaks that requires immediate attention. While the convenience of modern technology allows you to have the nearest plumber/electrician/handyman on call, sometimes you can't afford to wait for an appointment for a job done easily on your own.

Your basic tool box should contain wrenches, screwdrivers, pliers and all the other essentials. You'll save yourself money down the road by fixing things yourself instead of always hiring someone to do it for you.

Cleaning supplies.

Nobody likes living in a dirty home and moving into a new place often requires some cleaning right away. While you may be dreaming about collapsing into your new sofa and watching your big-screen TV on the first night in your new home, you're going to have to do some cleaning first.

Like washing a new T-shirt before you wear it, it's usually best to clean your home thoroughly when you move in. Moving in and unpacking all of your boxes will leave a mess on its own. Equip yourself with all the essentials: a mop, broom, paper towels, rubber gloves, a bucket, sponges, disinfectant, cleaning solutions and soap, and you'll be well on your way to a cleaner home.


As exciting as it will be to sleep in your new room on the first night in your new home, you can't do so without bedding. So make sure that along with all of your other necessities, you've packed away all of your bedding in an easily accessible place so you can unpack it when you've arrived at your new home. You'll need sheets for your bed, as well as blankets, pillows, and comforters to have a relaxing first night of sleep in your new home.

TIP: If you have moved long-distance and your movers haven't delivered your furniture yet, an air mattress is a great temporary alternative to sleeping on your floor.

Kitchen essentials.

Ordering take-out is fun and everybody loves a good pizza once in a while--but you're going to want to cook your own meals eventually. Pack your kitchen essentials (all of your pots and pans, dishes, cutlery, silverware, glasses, cups) in a clearly labeled box so that you can unpack it right away upon arriving to your new home. Since there are usually a lot of items to unpack in a kitchen, it should be one of the first rooms you tackle once you have moved in. As a bonus for unpacking your kitchen first, you'll be able to cook your first of many meals in your new home--by then you'll certainly have worked up an appetite.

Bathroom supplies.

You'll probably work up a sweat unpacking everything in your new home and cleaning. When it's time to take a shower, it's important to have all of your bathroom supplies ready. Bringing the essentials along with you – toilet paper, soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, towels and deodorant – will be vital, especially in those first few days after you move in. Being prepared ahead of time and packing all of these supplies with you will save you an unnecessary trip to the store late at night when you realize you have no toilet paper.

Robert Moreschi  Posted by Robert Moreschi on October 10, 2013

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