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The Ultimate Moving Checklist

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Moving to a new place can be quite the daunting task. To make things easier, you should carefully plan out the moving process. Keeping track of your progress using a checklist will help eliminate unnecessary anxiety. The best way to handle the responsibilities of moving is by sticking to a timeline.

Remember these tips to smoothly transition from your old home to your new home leading up to moving day.

Two months (or eight weeks) before moving

This is your time to research the area you are moving to. Start laying out your plan and cleaning up your old place.

  • Get estimates from at least 3 moving companies, so you can compare rates
  • Create a moving budget spreadsheet to make sharing your budget convenient
  • Make an inventory of everything you own for insurance purposes
  • Purge unwanted clothing and items through a garage sale or donations
  • Research schools and doctors in your new area
  • Collect official records from the doctor and your children’s school, if applicable

TIP: Try contacting your new Chamber of Commerce for a "Welcome to the Community" resident packet which includes maps of the area, brochures for local attactions, directories, branded logo items and local newspapers among other promotional items.

One month to six weeks before moving

This is the time to notify everyone. Start by inform companies and government agencies that you are moving -- open a new bank account if your bank does not have branches in your new neighborhood. You should also begin to gather the necessary supplies to pack up your belongings.

  • Request a change of address from the post office
  • Let your insurance company know that you are moving
  • Gather referrals for doctors and other healthcare providers
  • Notify utility companies that you will need to stop or change service
  • Order packing supplies
  • If your employer offers to pay for your relocation, figure out which expenses are covered

TIP: Have antiques, artwork, musical instruments and other valuable items appraised and keep this documented appraisal with the inventory.

Three to two weeks before moving

Tie up odds and ends. Start eating all of the frozen foods and using all of the cleaning supplies that cannot come with you. This includes confirming all services and beginning the process of packing and labeling all your belongings.

  • Confirm arrangements with moving service or truck rental
  • Confirm how belongings are insured during the move
  • Start packing boxes, labeling them with their appropriate room
  • Request off from work or notify your work that you are moving
  • Cancel newspaper or magazines and subscripe to ones in your new neighborhood
  • Prepare car for shipment if you are shipping your car (get serviced, fill gas tank, empty trunk)
  • Arrange to have new locks installed upon move in

Two days before moving

It is important to have cash and a box of essentials items for your move-out day. When you move everything into your new house, you might need a little time to unwind before you start unpacking. Therefore, having 24 hours worth of essential items is beneficial.

  • Withdraw cash to tip your movers
  • Defrost freezer and clean refrigerator
  • Pack a bag of essentials -- clothes, food, credit cards, cell phone chargers, identification, flash lights, first aid supplies
  • Thoroughly clean your old place
  • Say goodbye to your neighbors
  • Make childcare arrangements, if necessary

Moving day

It is finally here! You're probably sick of seeing cardboard boxes at this point, but the big payoff is just around the corner. Everything should be ready to go. Don't forget to keep your family members in the loop as far as your moving schedule goes in case there is an emergency.

  • Make sure that all boxes are labeled with their appropriate destination
  • Remember to tip your movers and offer drinks or snacks while they work
  • Do a final sweep of your old house, checking that cabinets and closets are empty
  • Take a note of utility readings

TIP: Leave a note with your contact information for the new owners in case of items left behind or stray mail.

After your move

You did it! You finally moved into your new place. Now its time for the fun stuff.

  • Unpack and make your new place home
  • Throw a housewarming party to show off
  • Introduce yourself to the new neighbors
  • Order checks with your new address

If you have any more moving questions, don't hesitate to ask a Moving Expert in the chat box at the bottom righthand corner of your screen.

Scott Myers  Posted by Scott Myers on November 5, 2018

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