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What to do with a Blank Wall

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Whether you've just moved in or you've lived there for a hundred years, a blank wall is a boring wall. If you aren't sure how to bring that wall to life, keep reading for some ways to decorate a blank wall that you might not have considered!

Fabric as wallpaper 

If you are a renter, chances are your walls are a boring beige. Depending on your lease agreement, you might not even be allowed to paint the walls a color that really speaks to you--at least not without having to paint it back before moving out. The process of hanging fabric as wallpaper is time intensive, but the results will be worth it!

All you need is some liquid starch and a lightweight cotton fabric of your choosing. You'll apply the starch in sections with a roller and smooth the fabric over it. You also need an extra set of hands for this project. 

Make a gallery wall 

Instead of just hanging one or two photos or pieces of art, why not take up the entire blank wall? Gallery walls are a great way to showcase your love of art or your budding photography hobby within the walls of your own home. Vary the size of frames to keep it interesting but keep the spacing even all around. You'll end up with a clean and modern aesthetic. 

Paint it an accent color 

If there's a color you're in love with and have been itching to incorporate into your home decor, try an accent wall. Accent walls in a darker shade can create depth in a shallow room or just add a punch of color to the overall look. Painting the blank wall an accent color is an easy project because you're only painting one wall instead of the whole room. 


Wallpaper might seem like an old fashioned option, but designers are putting out modern prints and patterns to complement any home decor style. Just like the fabric wallpaper project, hanging regular wallpaper will be labor and time intensive, but once it's all done you'll be able to stand back and relish in what you've done. 

Giant wallpaper decals 

If hanging wallpaper on the wall doesn't appeal to you, a large wallpaper decal might better suit your style. These giant decals are essentially stickers for your walls which is great for renters or anyone who isn't ready to commit to paint or wallpaper glue. 

Showcase collections 

Hanging art and pictures on your walls is already a no-brainer--but it doesn't have to stop there. Think about hanging your collectible items on your walls. Do you have an extensive spoon collection that's collecting dust in a cabinet somewhere? Now's the time for you to show them off to the world! 

Whatever your style, a blank wall is the perfect backdrop for you to get creative in your home.

Ana M. Ferrer  Posted by Ana M. Ferrer on June 25, 2015

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