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When Is the Best Time of the Year to Move?

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best time of the year to move

Not everyone gets to plan when they will move. Sometimes, outside circumstances dictate our moves, like getting a new job or attending school in another state. But other times, we're lucky enough to able to plan our moves in advance.

So what are the most popular months to move? A report released by AMSA, the American Moving and Storage Association, gathered relocation statistics and found that the top five most popular months to move were May, June, July, August and September.

Why summer months are the most popular

  • They are warm weather months. Moving is a lot easier during months when the weather is nice. You don't have to worry about carrying boxes and furniture in and out of your house with the threat of snow and ice.

  • Days are longer during the summer. More hours of sunlight allow moving companies more time outside and the ability to get the job done before the sun goes down.

  • Three out of those five months, kids are out of school. It's easier for families with school-age children to move during the summer. Parents don't have to pull them out of school mid-semester only to make them jump into a brand new school where they don't know anyone.

Now, these are the most popular five months to move according to what the statistics tell us, but are they really the best months to move?

Disadvantages of relocating during peak moving season

Due to popularity, May through September tend to be the busiest months of the year for moving companies, and they typically get booked very quickly, causing their rates to be higher. It can also become difficult to find reputable and dependable movers who can work with your schedule without planning far in advance.

This can be a major obstacle for many families moving on a tight moving budget. It may make more financial sense to hold off until a time when movers aren't in such high demand, like the fall or winter.

What months are best for your move

To combat this effect and possibly even save some extra money on your move, planning your relocation "off season" might help.

  • April is a good choice, because it's in the beginning of the spring but falls just before the moving company high season. If you have kids, consider their spring break as a time to make the transition.

  • December and January can also be a great time to move, particularly if you live in a warmer climate that isn't affected by harsh winter weather. These months can present you with the opportunity to find a moving company at a much lower rate. Although the holidays can be hectic, planning your move right before or after the holidays can prove extremely beneficial.

  • When moving in a time of low demand, the company will be more focused on your move and more moving supplies will be available.

What week of the month is best for your move

Everyone wants to move in the beginning or the end of the month, but companies suggest otherwise. If you are trying to save money, and find movers at affordable prices, it's best to move mid-month.

Peak moving days are the beginning and ends of the month, because this is when leases start and end. Moving companies will lower their rates between these peaks.

What day of the week is best for your move

It's best to choose a weekday (Monday through Thursday) for more availability. Weekdays are usually open, because people work during these days.

It might be worth it to miss one day of work than struggle to find a weekend that works best for your moving company. Certain companies will even charge more for a weekend booking, because these days are so high in demand.

What time of the day is best for your move

Although time of day won't necessarily affect your price (unless the company doesn't finish and adds a day), moving in the early morning is in your best interest.

Moving companies like to arrive between 8 A.M. and 11 A.M. The weather will be cooler before the sun comes out, and the streets will be quieter and less busy. Moving early in the day also opens the whole day to unload and unpack.

Staff Writer  Posted by Staff Writer on October 5, 2018

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