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What Are Your Moving Crew's Responsibilities?

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Your movers will have plenty of responsibilities as they carry out your move. It's important to understand exactly what their responsibilities are. By knowing your mover's duties in advance, you can be sure that your movers are doing exactly what is expected of them.

The actual duties of your movers will depend on the services you require. If you hire full service movers, they will take care of every step of your move.  Alternately, you may decide to hire partial movers, who will just handle certain parts of the move. Some of these specialty partial move services include:

  • Packing
  • Loading and unloading
  • Driving
  • Specialty moving

Your moving crew's duties before the move

Your movers have several things they need to take care of long before moving day. The first thing they need to do is go to your home to perform an in-person assessment of your household. This will allow them to perform the next step, which is to create an estimate for the cost of your move. They will also work with you to set a date for the move and to figure out the method of payment. At this point, the movers will begin drafting the appropriate contracts for the move.

Your movers will also provide you with several documents regarding the various policies you should be aware of. These documents include:

  • The booklet "Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move"
  • A well-defined summary of the company's arbitration program
  • An outline of the company's procedures for filing disputes
  • A chart regarding all tariffs involved and a clear explanation of what they are

Your moving crew's duties during the move

During the move, your movers will be handling their main responsibility -- transporting your goods from your old home to the new one. This involves organizing all the belongings to create the proper loading order. As they do this, they will also create an inventory list to keep track of all your goods. Under the supervision of the driver, the moving crew will then load everything into the truck.

The movers will also be responsible for ensuring that your goods arrive at your destination safely and on time. During the delivery, your movers will be expected to maintain contact with you to let you know the status of your move. Additionally, the movers will be responsible for having you sign the appropriate contracts regarding the move.

The person driving the moving truck on your moving day is the most experienced and has many responsibilities. Of course, their main duty is to transport your goods from place to place. The truck driver's other responsibilities on moving day include:

  • Preparing the contract, or bill of lading
  • Ensuring the moving crew is ready and in proper uniform
  • Introducing the moving crew to the customers
  • Delegating tasks to the movers as well as overseeing their work
  • Maintaining constant contact with the dispatcher, informing them of the estimated time for each stage of the move
  • Inspecting the truck's gas, water and oil levels
  • Being a resource to answer any questions about the move
  • Going over all contracts before you sign them, such as the inventory list and the bill of lading
  • Accepting your payment, as agreed upon in the bill of lading
  • Calling the dispatcher to let them know the move is complete
  • Returning the truck and any other equipment to the dispatcher

Aside from the "on-the-job" responsibilities, the truck driver is also accountable for holding the proper licenses, permits and qualifications. The driver must also have a special permit from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) as well as a commercial driver's license.

Did you know...?
All drivers of commercial motor vehicles (moving trucks included) must pass various knowledge and skills tests before they are issued a commercial driver's license.

Your moving crew's duties after the move

Upon reaching the destination, the movers will have to contact you if you are not already present. They will then use the appropriate equipment, such as ramps or dollies, to unload your goods from the truck. The movers will bring your belongings into your new home and place everything in the right rooms. If you selected unpacking service, the movers will begin unpacking all of your boxes after they are brought inside.

The movers' responsibilities don't end when everything is unloaded and unpacked. At this point, they will have to collect payment and make sure that you sign the proper paperwork. After collecting payment by the previously agreed upon method, the movers will have you sign the appropriate documents, such as the bill of lading and the inventory list.

As you can see, the movers' duties expand well beyond the actual moving of your goods. As they move the items from your old home to your new one, they must maintain contact with you throughout the day, make sure that the appropriate documents are filled out, and carry out everything according to the designated time frames.

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