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Can I leave stuff in drawers when moving?

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Asked by Elaine

January 31, 2021 under Others

In this guide we will learn the right way to heavy dressers and will it be right to put personal stuff in the drawers while moving.

Answered by Staff Writer

November 16, 2021

cloths in the box while movingIf you are wondering, can you keep your clothes in your dresser when moving, here's something you need to know:

- You can keep your stuff in drawers when moving only if your dresser is strong and has less weight.

- In case you own a heavy wood dresser, detach all the drawers and shelves from it. But if you own a dresser that is easy to lift, then it is ok to leave your clothes in.

Note: Don’t keep items that will move around. Because they may get lost behind the drawers.

Never leave your personal stuff in the drawers when you move

Before moving when movers pack your dresser, make sure to take out all your personal stuff like cash, checkbooks, ATM cards, Id proofs, jewelry, and other valuables from your dresser. Because these items can get lost when your dresser is being moved around. Also, if you keep more items in the dresser, your furniture seems heavy to lift and it is difficult for you to move and load it onto the truck. So, the best way to keep your dresser safe is to take everything out of the items.

Leave clothes in the dresser drawers- Is it right

Yes, if the dresser is lightweight, then leaving clothes in the dresser is fine. But there are a few instances where you should not keep your clothes in. They include

For long-distance moves: when you are moving a long distance you should take your clothes out of your dresser because if you keep them in the dresser, it may take several weeks to deliver, and you won’t have the clothes you need. So, it is better to pack your daily clothes into a suitcase, so you don’t need to worry if it takes more time for delivery.

When you have an old dresser: If you have a dresser that is falling apart during the move, make sure to empty drawers as possible. Because if the dresser is heavy, there is a chance of getting damaged during your move. So, make sure to keep your dresser empty while moving.

Can I put clothes in the drawers while moving

Though a drawer might seem like a box to you, yet you might need to empty it while you move. Have you ever tried to move heavy furniture If yes, certainly you will understand the difficulties that you will face while moving it.

Consequently, if you have a full drawer, imagine the challenges that you might face while moving it. Also, if you decide to keep your clothes inside the dresser, ensure to move them carefully as they might open in transit.

Besides, if you have books or CDs consider putting them in a small box. Moreover, books and CDs are the highest-weight items that you might have, weighing around 35 pounds for each cubic foot. Also, while you shift a heavy dresser from your house to a vehicle, you need to handle it from different angles. This, in turn, might put excessive pressure on the furniture, hence consider vacant it before you move.

Best ways to pack a dresser while you Move

Let’s find a few tips on how to pack and protect a dresser while moving:

  • If you have furniture with glass doors, consider removing the drawers and shelves from it. Also, you may pack furniture with a bubble wrap or a furniture blanket and keep your furniture secured.
  • After removing all the shelves and drawers, you can protect your dresser by wrapping a few layers of moving blankets. By doing so, you’ll protect the furniture from getting scratches and it will keep the dresser from dust and moisture.
  • Ensure to apply tapes for packing and strictly protect the blanket encircling the dresser.

Recommendations to pack drawers for moving

After taking out drawers from the dresser, wrap them in a furniture blanket, and then secure the pad using packing tape. This way, you will pack the drawers separately from the main furniture body. By doing so, it will keep the dresser lightweight, and the drawers will be moved safely without getting damaged.

The right way to move a heavy dresser.

Never carry heavy furniture on your own. If you are moving antiques or heavy furniture, make sure that you hire professional movers to get the job done. If you have any shelves with glass on your dresser, the movers may keep your furniture safe while lifting and loading inside the truck. Let’s decide on a list of recommendations that might help you to move the dresser.

- Ensure to have a clear and obstacle-free path, while lifting your dresser for moving.

- Use moving straps to lift the furniture.

- Be careful on the stairs while lifting the furniture.

Steps to move a wooden dresser

Simply, choose among different moving companies, as they will help you in packing the wooden furniture and deliver it securely to your preferred location. You may collect your packing supplies, hire a moving truck, but still, there's no guarantee that your furniture will be secured. Let's explore some ways that might help you move a wooden dresser easily, without the chances of it getting damaged.

  • Like any other dresser, don't pack a wooden dresser with bubble wrap or other plastic bags, as this might damage your furniture.
  • Mostly, an antique piece of furniture is made of small pieces like casters, handles, and knobs. Also, these fragile items might easily get displaced while in transit. Hence, it's advisable to hire movers.
  • Besides, you will not use the drawers as a storage space, while in a move. Instead, you will close them tight and insert some padding under them.

By now you understand the importance of shipping your dresser safely to the destination. Also, you understand how leaving stuff in the drawers, while moving can make it heavier. Thus, to do everything systematically, it’s better to hire professional movers, rather than hiring moving trucks. Also, you may use DIY tricks to move heavy items, but there will be no security for your furniture when moving.

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