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Can you put a runner in front of a couch?

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Asked by Betsy

January 13, 2021 under Others

Does a runner rug go in front of a couch?

Answered by Staff Writer

July 28, 2021

A runner rug is long and narrow in shape. It is entirely your choice as to where you decide to place the runner in your house. Ideally, runners are placed in hallways, kitchens, entryways, bedrooms, and staircases. However, you can also place it in front of a couch if it fits the space and makes your living room look good. Runners add depth and beauty to your house interiors. They can even make your room cozy and add warmth to the ambiance.

When to put a runner in front of a couch?

While some people prefer to keep a rug under the couch, some suggest placing it in front of the couch as well. It depends on your personal style choices and the kind of environment you want to create while using the space available. If you have a long three-seater couch or a modular lounge with just a small side table and there is no coffee table, you can place the runner in a way that your legs rest on the rug while you are sitting on the sofa. Alternatively, if you have a table, which isn't very wide, you can put the runner under the table. Make sure that the table isn’t so big that it covers the runner entirely.

Places to use the runner in your house

  • Hallways: Hallways and entryways have less space and decorating them too much can create a mess. However, leaving this space empty will also make it boring. These are heavy traffic areas and placing runners here can make the space cozier and attractive. It will make the home interiors more hospitable and welcoming for the guests.
  • Kitchen: You can place a runner rug between your kitchen cabinets and the island. It will not only add a warm tone to the space but will also be comforting for your feet when you are doing the dishes.
  • Bedrooms: Place a runner rug in front of the bed so it gives you the space to rest your feet whenever you wake up and get up from the bed. A regularly sized rug will be hidden underneath the bed while a runner will fit this space perfectly.
  • Stairways: If you have hardwood floors, staircase runners are a must-have. It will prevent any slips and falls, reduce noise, and add a bold statement in terms of interior décor. The fact that runners are long and less wide makes them perfect to cover the stairs. Make sure to secure the runner perfectly in place, otherwise, it can pose a danger whenever you are running up and down the stairs.
  • Small spaces: You can place a runner rug in any narrow space in your house. Whether it’s your dressing area, the pantry, the lounge area, the walk-in closet, or even the laundry room; a runner can make the area spacious and attractive. It’s a great idea to decorate your narrow areas with a runner rug if you feel there is too little space to add anything there.
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