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How do you move a flat screen Tv safely?

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Asked by Jennifer

July 7, 2015 under Others

Answered by Ryan Hussey

July 8, 2015

Hi Jennifer, and thank you for your question!

Packing a flat screen TV

We understand that you would like to move a flat screen television set. For this type of item, you'll want to take extra precautions to ensure it is packed safely and securely, just in case the contents of your car or moving truck shift during transit. If you are planning on packing your items yourself, your best option is to pack any electronics--especially TVs and computers--in their original boxes. Make sure the box still has all of the bubble wrap or foam from when you originally purchased it. This will keep your device well-padded during your move.

Even if you're packing your items yourself, you may still want to hire a professional moving company to transport them to your destination. This is important if you have items you cannot fit into your car or truck, and it's even more important when you need a professional mover's help dealing with heavy or fragile items. If you'd like to hire movers, fill out a free quote form on our site!

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