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How much does average grandfather clock weigh?

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Asked by Caroline

June 11, 2015 under Others

Trying to file a claim on broken grandfather clock and AMS requires the actual weight. I have no way to weigh it.

Answered by Ryan Hussey

June 11, 2015
Hi Caroline, and thank you for your question!

Grandfather clocks
We're sorry to hear about your damaged grandfather clock. Unfortunately, moving companies are unable to keep every single item safe regardless of how careful they are. This is why it is so important to find movers who specialize in moving specific items such as grandfather clocks, pianos and other antiques.

Without information like the type of grandfather clock you own and its exact dimensions, we cannot give a precise weight. Most grandfather clocks weigh somewhere between 100 and 220 pounds, depending on the size. So, we suggest that you measure the dimensions of your clock and research the exact model on the Internet to find an approximate weight. Chances are, it's around 100-150 pounds. But again, that's an estimate we're making without even knowing what type of clock you're talking about. Definitely search the brand and model online to get a more accurate estimate.

We hope that helped, and thanks again for your question!
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