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how much will it cost to ship a rocking chair, 40lbs. to Apache Junction Arizona from Raeford nc?

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Asked by Richard

August 16, 2013 under Others

Need to ship a rocking chair to my niece in Arizona, that i made for her.

Answered by Staff Writer

August 19, 2013

Welcome to and thank you for entrusting our moving experts with your question about shipping your niece, who lives in Arizona, the rocking chair you made for her. I would like to divert my attention away from your inquiry for a brief moment to note what a lovely gesture it was to make a rocking chair for your loved one.

I must say I wish you were my aunt!

On that note, any gift you have to send, regardless of the weight, is going to cost money depending on what shipping option you choose to use.  If you decide to swath the chair yourself before shipping, follow tips on how to pack large, oddly shaped items.

Though standard moving costs will not apply to you since you are sending a chair and not tons of household weight, you will be able to afford sending the gift you were kind enough to make without breaking your bank. Once you choose a company that successfully sends your niece the rocking chair, please take a moment to fill out a moving review so others who decided to be as sweet as you, and make a gift for their loved one, can learn from your experience.

Thank you again for visiting!

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