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I need a new 10 x 20 building moved just 14 miles. WHO DOES THIS? I need help!

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Asked by Roy

May 26, 2015 under Others

Storage building needed moved

Answered by Nicole La Capria

May 26, 2015
Hello, and thank you for visiting Movers.com!

To move a structure such as a shed or storage building, you would likely require the services of specialty movers, such as shed movers. Shed movers are companies that specialize in relocating and excavating small structures to a new location.

Get quotes from shed movers
While we don't offer quotes from shed movers specifically, you can browse the moving companies in our network in Tennessee to look for movers that have experience transporting sheds. When contacting companies and comparing quotes, be sure to ask about their experience moving structures similar to yours, if there are any necessary permits, and inquire about the possibility of additional fees.
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