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Should I reserve a truck far in advance?

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Asked by Melissa

November 4, 2019 under Moving Truck Rental

We are planning to move this Summer. So, can you please tell how far should I reserve a truck?

Answered by Staff Writer

November 5, 2019

When you're renting a truck for your move, it's important to schedule your reservation in advance. If you wait until the last minute to make a truck rental reservation, especially during peak season, you may not get the one you need (i.e., the size you requested may not be available). To avoid such a problem, make sure to reserve your moving truck as early as possible.

Also, if you're planning to move during summer or at the end of the month, be sure to reserve your truck at least two months in advance.

Remember, moving a rental truck is not always easy. There are some common issues that may arise and things that can go wrong while renting a truck. Following tips will help you avoid these problems and ensure a successful move.

  • Conduct a thorough background check before signing any deal with the truck rental.
  • Read reviews to verify their experience and authenticity.
  • Be sure to ask about extra fees, reservation guarantees and truck conditions.
  • Get estimates from different companies to choose the best company based on your needs.
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