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What color rug should I get with a GREY couch?

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Asked by Bobbie

January 13, 2021 under Others

How should I choose my rug based on my grey couch?

Answered by Staff Writer

July 27, 2021

What factors consider when choosing the right color for the grey sofa?

It can be difficult to choose a color scheme for your living room, especially when finding the color of your couch and the rug. If you have a grey couch or sofa and are just looking to find the right rug color then you need to consider the following factors:

  • Grey is a neutral that will look great with a wide range of rug colors so it will be easy to find something that works.
  • When you're choosing a rug to pair your grey couch, you should consider the overall color scheme of your home and your sofa’s size, texture, and pattern as well.
  • All of these factors come into play when choosing the right rug color for your grey couch.

Now, let’s discuss what color rug should you get for your grey sofa.

What color rug should you get with a grey couch?Grey couch and grey rug are the classic combinations

One of the most popular rug colors we can use for a grey couch is actually grey. Yes, monochromatic color schemes are decent and it’s a perfect match. If your room has a combination of black, white, or grey, pairing a sofa with grey area rugs makes the perfect combination.

A white rug is simple and elegant

White is a classic choice to combine with your gray sofa. If you prefer a modern look, pair your grey couch with a white rug. A white rug will bring out the pop of gray in your couch and give that modern feel.

Black is ideal

Black is a natural combo to add to the grey. If you have a massive living room that looks barren, a black rug can instantly give a stylish look and add a touch of a luxurious feel. Black ties in well with gray, and the two together can create a very warm, luxury look.

Cream is a great choice

This is another great color. Even a little bit of warm cream on a pillow, or blanket can go a long way. Cream is a neutral color, so tying it in with gray is a great way to create a very warm environment in your living room.

Contrast is a good combo.

Just because your living room is monochromatic doesn’t mean the rug color should be the same. You can choose contrast color rugs. Colors such as red, pink, and navy blue with floral print rug look fantastic up against the light grey couch.

Black and white pattern

A black and white combination creates a unique look. Pick up a rug with black and white patterns for your grey couch. This combination will work nicely and make your living room look stylish.

Teal is another incredible complement to grey

Teal also looks absolutely stunning when it’s paired with grey. It somehow feels warmer and richer and is a great choice for your grey couch.

Finding the right color rug for a grey couch is all about how you want your space to look. Since it’s a neutral color, you can go bold with pink or choose navy blue or opt deep red color. There is no shortage of rugs for your grey sofa! So, find the best color rug that suits your grey couch.

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