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What is the average cost for movers per hour?

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December 12, 2020 under Others

Let’s explore the average cost that you will have to pay to the movers on per hour basis.

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January 14, 2022

average cost for moversThe movers' cost per hour will depend on your move size and the distance they need to travel to reach your new destination. Hiring movers might cost you somewhere around a few $100 to $1000. This will consider how much distance the movers will move for you and what items you will move by yourself.

If you want to save time and reduce your stress, hiring professional movers can be a worthy option for you. Here we have made a few estimates that might help you determine the average cost of movers per hour.

What is the average cost for movers per hour?

If you are making a local move, you will be charged on a per-hour basis by a few companies.

You might need to pay an average cost of $80 to $100 per hour if you hire two movers, who will help you to relocate. We estimate an average moving cost of $60 to $80 if you are only interested in hiring laborers. You can check below to get an estimate of moving house, depending on the number of rooms, the weight of items, and total hours needed.

  • Keeping in mind a move size of 3500 pounds, the movers will take 3-5 hours to move a one-bedroom apartment. You need to pay them something around $240 or more if you take these services.
  • If you have a two-bedroom house with a move size of 5000 pounds, most likely you will have to pay something around $400 or up. On average the movers might take 5-7 hours to complete this move.
  • In the case of a three-bedroom house, the movers will take around 7-10 hours to move items of 10,000 pounds. With this estimate, you might need to pay around $560 or more to the movers.
  • When the move size is over 12000 pounds for a four-bedroom house, you may take more than 10 hours to complete this move. Considering this you need to pay an amount between $800 up.

Average hourly rate of full-service movers

If you want to hire a full-service mover, you can expect to pay something between $25 to $50 per hour. This will include every task starting from packing to unpacking and anything in between it.

Factors affecting the average moving cost of local movers

Here are a few points which you should consider while you plan a local move, as you might not want to experience disappointment while you cover your experience at the end of the move.

  • A local moving cost may vary based on the exact address. But with this average estimate, you will have an idea of how much you need to pay at the end of a local move.
  • Travel fees need to be considered, while you estimate the moving cost of a short-distance move. You need to include the fuel charge and the time the movers might take to reach your house and deliver your items to the new destination. Mostly, you will need to pay a travel fee that would be equivalent to 1 hour of standard moving tasks.

Tips to reduce per hour relocation cost

If you have sufficient time and appropriate skills to pack your items, you can easily reduce your moving bill. This bill would be comparatively less than what you might need to pay if you hire professional movers.

Tip: We recommend you do your research properly so that you are aware of any additional that you might need to pay wherever required.

Movers cost per hour

This is an estimate we have received from a moving company; you may consider this to get an idea.

Service Per hour cost
Packing and unpacking $45
Loading and unloading $45
Moving heavy furniture $74
Clearing up the house $46

Talk to your friends or browse the internet to find local movers who will offer you a per rate estimate that will suit your budget. Sometimes, a part of the budget is in your hands as you can easily cut down a few expenses for tasks that you can manage on your own.

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