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what is the best way to ship a generator to Brazil that weighs about 300 pounds?

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Asked by Maria

January 23, 2014 under Others

Answered by Jenna Farmer

January 27, 2014

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Shipping a generator 

Depending on what type of generator you're talking about, the easiest thing to do would be to purchase one through an online store that ships internationally; however, you probably already have the generator since you know the approximate weight of the item. 

You could try contacting various carriers like FedEx, DHL, UPS, etc., to see what their rates are for international shipping of packages. It will most likely be expensive since your generator is 300 pounds, if they are able to ship it at all. 

For such a large item, I would recommend getting in touch with international moving services, since they will be the most knowledgeable in the process of getting your generator to Brazil without any hassle. 

Hiring international movers

To get started on your search, you should fill out our simple quote form - this will connect you with up to seven different companies in your area that will provide you with free moving estimates. During the estimate, you should ask the company plenty of questions. There may be very strict or specific rules when it comes to shipping a generator to Brazil, and international moving companies will be the best place to get more information on things like customs regulations. Many countries have regulations when it comes to anything combustible, so you will want to check with the moving company to see if shipping your generator is restricted or prohibited.

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