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What is the MPG of a U-Haul truck?

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Asked by Cody

December 3, 2020 under Moving Truck Rental

This looks at the MPG on the 6 different U-Haul vehicles.

Answered by Katherine Broome

December 7, 2020

U-Haul has 6 different vehicles to fit your needs. The miles per gallon on those vehicles are:

  • Pickup truck: Up to 19 MPG 
  • Cargo van: Up to 18 MPG 
  • 10' truck: Up to 12 MPG 
  • 15’ truck: Up to 10 MPG 
  • 20’ truck: Up to 10 MPG 
  • 26’ truck: Up to 10 MPG 

You can also check out our Fuel Saving Tips guide to learn how be the most fuel efficient when you drive. 

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