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Accuracy of Estimate 2.6
Moving Services 2.7
Packing Services 2.8
Professionalism 3.0

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License Info: US DOT # 2445157
ICC MC # 847818
Insurance: On file: $750,000
Required: $750,000
Year of Estd: 3/1/2012

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A G Movers Inc
1070 rockland avenue
Staten IslandNY 10314 USA

Contact Info

Toll Free: 888-714-7378
Phone: 718-554-0552
Fax: 347-861-0414

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No Photo Brando
September 17, 2016


If you want your items damaged, the. ...

Horrible, horrible, horrible. Incompetent people who have no regards for your personal property. Hires them to do a simple move and they damaged my furniture and cracked my TV screen. To anyone that has been burned by AG movers, dispute your damages with your credit card company. The best advice I could give you. If Ayala Genish (owner of this company) is reading this, you should know your consumers!!

Origin : New Jersey
Destination : New Jersey

No Photo Shelly
December 11, 2015


Horrible CSR

Horrible customer service. Very rude and unprofessional. If they can afford to yell at customers, then ag guys, you need to improve a lot! Missing items. Movers themselves were good.Didn't have any problems with them.

Origin : New Jersey
Destination : Georgia

No Photo Anonymous
December 7, 2015

I had a good experience with the ...

Overall the quality of the service was good. They definitely came in almost 60 percent higher than their initial quote. ...I was a little upset about that. ...The people that actually came and moved the stuff were terrific. They would be a five, the people at the back office that were less than helpful, they would be a one.

Origin : NEW YORK, NY
Destination : FALLS CHURCH, VA

No Photo Laura
September 30, 2015


They broke some things and it was more ...

They did break quite a few pieces of furniture unfortunately. They weren't very careful with legs on things and I just thought it ended up being a lot more expensive than I was expecting.

Origin : Trenton, NJ
Destination : Monroe, NY

No Photo Jim
September 26, 2015



Run away from this shady company as fast as you can. This has got to be the worst company I've ever dealt with, in all my years. They suck you in with a low price and then rape your pockets along the away. The movers that showed up at my house used so many rolls of tape and boxes it cost me a fortune. I paid an extra fee of $500 to have my motorcycle created and shipped from New Jersey to Florida. My furniture was promised to be in Florida from New Jersey within five days. It took three weeks! During that three week period. The company called me and told me that the $1200 payment made upon my furniture's pick up was never received. They requested that I make the payment again. Of course I know I was not going to make a double payment and refused. I was informed that if I did not pay they would not even begin to deliver my furniture. They told me that they would hold my furniture in the warehouse until payment was received and hung up. I supplied him with copies of my signed receipt from the driver and told them payment has been made. They inform me that the driver worked for a different company and never turned in the money. After days of negotiation, They then deposited $1200 into my bank account and ask me to pay them back again. (what a shady way to do business ). When my items did finally arrive, it was late, and I noticed that my motorcycle was never created and was damaged in transit. When I asked the driver about the damage, he said he had no idea what caused it. When I expressed my displeasure the driver told me I was rude, he was not going to unload my items, and left! They return the next day and unloaded my furniture. But, before he did he asked me for an additional $450 to walk 100 feet as an additional delivery fee. I almost lost my mind. He will not unload my furniture until I gave him at least $100. (reluctantly I paid) The estimate to repair the motorcycle is $5000. They would not talk to me about the damage and sent me to the claims department. After fighting with them, The claims department for over two months, they offered me $44 as payment for my $5000 worth of damage. YES, you read that correctly! FOURTY FOUR DOLLARS! Time for a lawyer!!!!!

Origin : New Jersey
Destination : Florida

No Photo Lashay
August 18, 2015


Satisfied customer

100 % satisfied with this moving company!!! My relocation from Manhattan to Florida was a great success because of A.G Movers. I've moved in the past and have had stressful experiences but this time around everything ran smoothly. My belongings arrived to Florida on time with no damages . I am very happy. The workers were on time and very organized. I would definitely recommend A.G Movers to friends and family.

Origin : NEW YORK, NY
Destination : FLORIDA

Quoted Price : $1,500.00
Actual Price : $1,620.00

No Photo Lauren
August 18, 2015


Glad I chose A.G Movers

Great company!! I moved from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to Staten Island, NY and it was a straight delivery my household items arrived at the promised time. There were 3 hard working young men who came and provided me with full packing services, once i opened my door for the company they took care of everything. They definitely do provide a door to door service.They have competitive prices and are very neat and organized. The thing i liked most about the company were the workers diligence they didnt stop until they were completely done with what they started. I am glad I chose A.G Movers for my relocation.

Origin : Philadelphia Pennslyvania
Destination : Staten Island NY

Quoted Price : $2,475.00
Actual Price : $2,550.00

No Photo Katherine
July 29, 2015


They subcontracted another company I ...

What they did without telling me was that they subcontracted another company I didn't know about. These clowns came in and moved my stuff and everything--I'm not exaggerating here--everything was damaged. I never gave them permission to subcontract, I hired AG movers. They made pay cash, which I think is a little shady. So this was a terrible experience.

Origin : Manhattan, NY
Destination : Girard, PA

No Photo Sheila
June 8, 2015


Great and East Experience

Great experience, i had a lot of fragile furniture and a couple of TV's and A.G. Movers shipped my stuff from Manhattan to Virginia without any issues or dents. I highly recommend this company to anyone moving (and in fact have recommended it). Super affordable and very professional.

Origin : New York, NY
Destination : Arlington, VA

Quoted Price : $800.00
Actual Price : $825.00

No Photo Jennifer
June 5, 2015


My things were damaged and lost.

I mean, it was just absolutely ridiculous. ...In my complex people have driven tractor trailers in and when he got here he said he can't fit his tractor trailer in. So then he made me pay an additional $500 and also drive him to the U-Haul place so he can rent a smaller U-Haul. So after that ... He's like, "Oh. I'll come back." I don't know where he picked up this guy but he picked up some guy and he came back to the apartment with this guy, unloaded everything from the truck that he drove into the U-Haul and then brought it in. ...When we started looking at our items they were all scratched and he told me that he did not do that and that I needed to get the photos from the person that originally packed the truck. Well when I tried to call that person they said, "Yeah, yeah, I'll send them to you," but never sent them to me. Whatever. At this point I don't even care. We lost a bookshelf, we lost another thing. It is what it is I have my items. But then to top all that off I'm trying to get a receipt from the company still and they still haven't given me one.

Origin : Baiting Hollow, NY
Destination : Hunter Army AirField, GA

No Photo Bhupendra
June 4, 2015


Timing was confusing, but everything ...

Timing was a problem, but that's fine because I was not sure what time I'm going to reach Georgia area. So because of that we were both confused, so the mistake was on my part. But it was fine. [The crew behavior] was good, no issues.

Origin : Plainsboro, NJ
Destination : Marietta, GA

No Photo Chase
October 19, 2014


worst experience in life

I used this moving company for a move on 4/29/14 and it was a total horror!! I only used them because I used a company called Whitehouse movers on two separate occasions, many years ago and everything went fine. when I dialed the number on an old receipt, for whitehouse movers, I had this company advise me that they now owned whitehouse movers. I figured I would go with them because I had a simple 1 bedroom move from flushing to dwn/twn BK and they provided a decent quote. I had a scheduled move in time with my building of 6pm-8pm which I made the moving company aware of. They said, no problem and gave me a scheduled p/u time of 3-4pm and said they wld provide 3 moving men (prior to receiving a quote, I made them aware of all the items that needed to be moved and that there was a 3 cushion sofa and computer desk that needed to go the basement....they said no problem).. well at 4pm on 4/29/14, the dispatcher called me and advised that the movers were running behind schedule but would arrive in about 15 mins. they did not show up until 5:05pm. they sent me the 3 stooges who moved together as one unit(I think this was done on purpose so that the move would take 5hrs which is what my quote was based on) >>I told the movers and showed them the sofa and desk that needed to go to the basement...they said "no problem"...to make a long story short....they showed up at 5:05pm and by 9:15pm they had still not arrived at the drop off location in dwn/twn BK(at one point I saw them all standing around the vending machine/I acknowledge that of course they may need a snack to keep up their energy but eat one at a time so the other two could keep working). I showed up to my building in BK ahead of the movers at about 830pm. By 9:15pm, the movers still had not arrived and I was advised by my front desk that since my movers had not yet arrived and my scheduled move-in time was 6pm-8pm, they would need to shut down the service elevator. I then called the movers who were still more than 45mins away and was advised I needed to contact the moving company directly. When I spoke with Lisa from the moving company she said they were booked up for the next day and cld not deliver my stuff until 5/1/14, but want to charge me an additional $500(since they had all my belongings I had no choice but too pay it). I had to scramble to find a hotel room for the night and the next day had to go out and purchase an air mattress because the hotel I was staying in want $600 to stay an extra night. The next day, I decided to go back to my old apartment to ensure that they had moved the sofa and desk(if any furniture is left in the apartment then I would not get my security deposit back. they had removed the sofa but left sofa cushions and the desk which the top of the desk had been separated from the rest of the desk. when I called to inquire why these items had not been moved the lady Lisa said she would get back to me....she called me the next day and proceeded to y

Origin : NYC
Destination : brooklyn, NY

Quoted Price : $785.00
Actual Price : $1,000.00

No Photo Anonymous
September 23, 2014

It was a complete mess

I was actually very unhappy with my experience. They didn't come on time the first week. I had to cancel the move. Then they wouldn't pick up my call. I left them e-mails and voice mails and whatnot. After all of that they agreed to subcontract it because they did not have any availability. So they subcontracted it to someone who actually did a pretty good job of it. So it was a complete mess.

Origin : N Haven, CT
Destination : NYC, NY

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