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Required: $750,000
Year of Estd: 5/7/2015

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Boost Express Van Lines
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Toll Free: 877-521-5781

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No Photo Jeff
July 27, 2020

Still waiting ...

It’s been since June 6th, our pickup date, and all that’s happened is numerous false hopes of our items arriving. At least 7 times now, either Boost Express or Keystone Moving Group Have contacted us to say our items are close and should be here in the next few days. My mom still has a voice message from July 4th telling us to expect an arrival, and now it’s been another 23 days. I think our stuff has been stolen, but I’ll update this if they ever arrive. I don’t believe a word they say, but still call every day. At this point, I think calling only helps to remind them that they’ve stolen our stuff, and maybe someone we talk to might eventually realize that what they’re doing is wrong. But I don’t expect our stuff to ever get back to us.

Origin : Kansas City
Destination : Montrose, CO

No Photo Michael
December 2, 2019


A Ukrainian group of thieves who are not professional movers. They stole ALOT of my property and broke the rest. Have attorneys and FBI on the case. If you have and interstate move then be warned that recourse to recover is nearly impossible. They can steal anything they like.

Origin : Maryland
Destination : Arizona

Quoted Price : $9,000.00
Actual Price : $9,500.00

No Photo Nanthawan
September 8, 2019

Before signing a moving contract, you ...

DO NOT DO ANY BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY. How long do you think moving stuff from OH to CA take? A month, two month? I had to relocate from OH to California in 3 weeks and I have a piano, which I want to keep it. So, I decided to hire a moving company to help. However, the first moving company cancelled me 2 weeks before the moving date. I had to find a new mover in a rush. I found Pricing Van Lines (PVL), which got decent reviews, so I signed a contract with them and paid $1,149.94 for deposit. PVL scheduled the pick-up date on June 25 and the delivery date was June 30. What I did not know is - PVL is just a broker company, they did not do the job themselves. They hire a subcontractor to do the job for them. I did not realized until the subcontractor showed up. The subcontractor who did the actual moving stuff was Boost Express Van Lines (BEVL). BEVL packed up my stuffs and loaded them on their truck. The first estimate was6 $6,840. After they finished packing my stuff, they told me the final was $9,182.57. They asked me to signed 2 checks $2,845.20 and $2,593.49. I had to pay another $2,593.49 on the delivery date. They also demanded tipping. I am a single woman, felt insecure, so I gave them $200 on the pick-up date. The delivery was not done on June 30 as PVL promised. I called both companies 2-3 times every weeks since July 8. To some certain points, both companies hung up on me. I cannot contact any of them, so I decided to file complaints on BBB against both of them on Aug 17. They then started to answer my call again. BEVL lied to me every Mon that my stuff was loaded in a truck and it was on its way, I could expected it between the coming Fri-Sun. This was absolutely lying that I had to listen every single week. I decided to filed complaints against BEVL on every organization which I could think of, to their city Mayer, the police department in their town, NJ State general attorney for consumer affairs. Some of them contacted me back but they cannot help me. It was sad that they allowed this company feed on blood, sweat and tears from other innocent people who work hard. The actual delivery date was Mon, Aug 26. They came with semi truck and asked me to pay another $475 to rent a Uhaul. At that point, I wanted to get my stuff, so I agreed to pay. When they came back with Uhual. They demanded me to pay more beside $475+2,394 (they gave me $300 discount for late delivery) that I have to pay. I decided to call my friend and police. My apartment manager came to help. They finally unloaded my stuff but refuse to carry piano to my apartment. The contract I signed with PVL state the piano handling fee $250, which I already paid. They told me that I filed complaints against them, so they would not carry it. My friends finally persuaded the delivery guys to carry it to my apartment. There was lost and damage on my stuffs. Please do not repeat my mistake.

Origin : Lyndhurst, OH
Destination : Fremont, CA

Quoted Price : $6,840.34
Actual Price : $9,658.00

No Photo Jena
August 3, 2019


Dear reader, Congrats on your upcoming move! Whatever you do, do NOT choose Boost to move you. I wouldn’t wish our experience with them on my worst enemy. TLDR: Movers arrived 2 days late for pickup and delivered over a week late, movers downed a power line with their truck, broke out our front window and tried to hide it from us, ended up having our friends move half of our stuff into the truck because they were so slow and we needed to move the next morning, forced us to accept delivery on July 4 or pay $500 to put our stuff into storage and redeliver, customer service was awful (downright mean) and completely unhelpful We booked through PeaPack, who didn’t tell us they were a broker. PeaPack has great reviews. Boost does not. We were obviously not happy when we learned Boost was doing our move since their reviews are the stuff of nightmares. Boost reps said they’d be there on Thursday morning to pick up. They didn’t show and then said it would be 11-2 on Friday. They didn’t come Friday afternoon and eventually came at 6:45pm, which interfered with our plans to see friends on our last night in town and totally screwed with the move-out cleaner we had scheduled. My disappointment did land me a $30 discount. SO GENEROUS. First, only 1 guy showed up and his buddy didn’t show up until close to 8. We watched them back into a pole and down a power line across the street. We had to call 911 to get the line off the street (the movers never mentioned the line to us). Then we hear a crash. They made a huge crack in the front window. I asked if everything was OK and they said yes and tried to hide it. They saw me taking a picture of it and said, “Yes, the window broke.” No apology. 20 min later we hear another crash. They broke out the entire window. I asked them to be careful and the guy says, “It’s just a window.” The movers were so slow. 2 ppl and I had loaded, moved, and unloaded our things in 3h when we moved in town with the same stuff. It was 11:15pm (4.5 hours later) and they were only halfway loaded and they said they were going to come back at 9am. We were driving out of town the next morning, so I said, “No, you are not." Our friends helped us to load the rest of the truck. We loaded the second half in 10 min. You can’t make this stuff up. That was Friday. We were told to expect our stuff on Monday or Tuesday. Every time we called, Boost kept saying to call in a few days. They said that they had 30 days to deliver it!!! (Of course, this is the contract they force you to sign when they arrive and you have no choice). A WEEK passes. They say they can deliver on July 3. I say that’s great, because they cannot deliver on July 4 since we will be out of state. On July 3 they tell us they can deliver on July 4th. 10 days late! They said that if we couldn’t get someone there, they would charge us an extra $500 and put our stuff in storage. I’ve never had customer service of any company be so mean t

Origin : Ann Arbor, MI
Destination : Denver, CO

Quoted Price : $2,700.00
Actual Price : $4,300.00

No Photo Roger
March 6, 2019


I was quoted $1500.00 to move a two bedroom apartment, the day of the move we were giving a start time between 2 and 4 pm, by 2:30 pm I called and was told they were running late, by 5 I called again and they say that my move date was not until the following day (B.S) so basically they were a day late. The next day they showed up before 4 pm and they started packing my furniture. I had to empty a small storage unit that they knew about it but they got done so late that now we had to wait until the following day to get in and I had to spend the night at a hotel. At time of delivery, the driver needed to get paid by cash or certified check before they even open the truck doors and to my surprise the price was now double of what the broker had quoted me. I tried to negotiate with the driver and he said that there was nothing he could do. When I expressed that the price quote was very deceitful he said and I quote “it happens all the time, that unfortunately the broker’s job is to get the job and they don’t care what happens after” The driver was polite and seemed sincere and sympathetic about the deceitful practices of the broker, the furniture was well packed and was delivered in good condition. I would not recommend this company to anyone. Beware move on get someone else or prepare to pay a lot more.

Destination : NEW JERSEY

Quoted Price : $1,500.00
Actual Price : $3,010.00

No Photo Lauren
December 2, 2018

Forged inventory list

Let’s begin with the takeaway: My moving inventory contract was forged with an additional 8 boxes after I had signed the form, with the intent to void our items-based estimate and result in a price increase of $3500, or close to 60% of the total. Only because we had been prudent enough to take a photo of the moving inventory from the day of the pick-up did American Van Lines (subcontractor and letterhead of forms – Boost Express) agree to revert to our original estimate and not charge us thousands of additional dollars. Issues at Pick-Up, Attempted Price Increase

Origin : Boston
Destination : Seattle

No Photo Beba
October 23, 2018

I liked this company

They were very accommodating. It was a very long move, so they picked the furniture up the first day at the storage unit. Those things had been moved by another moving company, which is now out of business. Boost Express Van lines re-wrapped a lot of the items that the other company didn't take care of. They were very meticulous about wrapping the goods and making sure everything was protected on the drive up. The next day they delivered the things-they were prompt, they were right on time. They worked right along, they put everything where it belonged, they helped assemble some of the furniture. They were really accommodating. I was really pleased with their service-extremely. Thanks Boost, defiantly would recommend to people!

Origin : WI
Destination : NY

Actual Price : $3,640.00

No Photo Andrii
October 22, 2018

Thank you, Boost Express!

These movers were very helpful in organizing my move to Minnesota. Thank you Boost Express! After living 10 years in the same house in New York I moved with the help of this mover. My office colleagues and friends recommended me major van lines. Their initial estimate was spot on. The crew of Alex Serg and Mike were very cautious with my antiques and fragile items. The movers were very polite and friendly with us. On move day, all the movers were well organized. They consulted with me all through the job. Stacy from costumer service did a good job on keeping me up to date. Every item was either shrink wrapped or wrapped in padded blankets. My belongings arrived in the same condition the way those left in. I have already recommended Boost Express van lines to my acquaintances who had also excellent experience. Safe and easy. Thanks again

Origin : NY Brooklyn
Destination : MN Fridley

Quoted Price : $3,600.00
Actual Price : $3,900.00

No Photo Alex
October 18, 2018

Very professional and accommodating ...

I was able to easily order boxes and moving materials by email and was received within one to two business days for reasonable prices. There were no hidden fees and travel, gas, and furniture wrapping were all included. The team was great and professional. Costumer service was online all the time. They did a fantastic job and treated our items with care. I definitely recommend Boost Express Van Lines for fantastic communication and professionalism at a reasonable price!

Origin : Cleveland, Oh
Destination : Staten Island, Ne

Quoted Price : $4,100.00
Actual Price : $4,210.00

No Photo Ivanandrushko
October 18, 2018

Excellent service

Last April I’ve decided to hire Boost Express van lines and asked for the price estimate for my relocation from Main to NJ. I had so many questions about their process. They willingly answered all of them on the spot. I must confess they have a brilliant customer service. The date that worked for them wasn’t convenient for me but I agreed and asked them to be on time. For my surprise, the crew of four arrived with all their supporting tools at least half an hour early. As I was not expecting them so early, but I opened the door and allowed them working. I can remember the weather was very poor but despite having so many impediments, they reached to deliver with hundred percent accurate orders. Their service is truly appreciated. I highly recommend Boost Express Van Lines and their costumer service is awesome! Moved from 2bedroom apt into 3 bedroom townhouse. Estimate cost 3577$, final price 3730, Size of the JOb 650 CF.

Origin : Old Town, MN
Destination : East Brunswick, NJ

Quoted Price : $3,577.00
Actual Price : $3,730.00

No Photo Sergii
October 9, 2018


everything was very well staffed and delivered to Skrok,all the guys are very pleasant and friendly. I recommend you to be satisfied.

Origin : Miami fl
Destination : Brooklyn ny

Quoted Price : $2,570.00
Actual Price : $2,955.00

No Photo Boris
October 9, 2018

Beyond Satisfied

I had such a great experience with Boost Express Van Lines. I needed to plan a move from Chicago IL to Brooklyn NY in less than two weeks. Lilly replied to my inquiry quickly, and did every time I sent a message. I thought the flat rate was very fair. The crew with Eugene and Pablo were amazing in quickly emptying out my old apartment and filling the new one in a 24-hour period. They took apart and rebuilt some furniture that was too big to fit in tighter spaces. This was much appreciated! Some boxes that belonged to my old roommate from Chicago accidentally came down on the move, and Pablo graciously offered to bring them back up and deliver them to her, which was nice of him to do. I did encounter one issue. While unpacking a neon lamp was broken, I made a call to Stacy from customer service, and they offered to pay for the broken item. A check came in the mail a few days later. I really appreciate Boost Express Van lines team's effort and help in making a stressful part of a long-distance move into a smooth and enjoyable experience. I highly recommend!

Origin : Chicago
Destination : Brooklyn

No Photo Lauren
June 26, 2018

Canceled 3 weeks out during high season

They EMAILED me that they were canceling my move- no explanation, no further assistance. PS- I am suffering from a back injury incurred while serving in the US Navy and I live alone so self-moving is not an option.

Origin : Philadelphia
Destination : District of Columbia

Quoted Price : $1,887.00
Actual Price : $2,000.00

No Photo July
March 26, 2018

good job,would recommend

I recently moved from Illinois to New Jersey,It was good smooth move by company named Boost express. I had friends that did move with boost and they were satisfied. I liked it also,no damaged items everything was packed professionally and unpacked also. Costumer service was also informative. I would give em a good job. recommend!

Origin : Illinois
Destination : New Jersey

Quoted Price : $2,800.00
Actual Price : $2,900.00

No Photo Viktoriia
March 16, 2018

I am satisfied

Had a good experience with them. I was moving my furniture to my new apartment and guys really surprised me! I hate moving but they did it super fast and organized so it wasn't whole day thing. Professional and careful movers. Did not have any damages. The biggest surprise was to hear the price. It is cheap enough for that kind of service. I am satisfied

Origin : IL
Destination : IL

Quoted Price : $300.00
Actual Price : $270.00

No Photo Gabrielle
March 15, 2018

Excellent moving

Love lilis team very helpful and punctual.I had the same company Boost Express at the pickup and at the delivery. They were great from showing up,starting on time,loading the truck and documenting all of our stuff and labeling all the boxes. They kept in contact so they weren't leaving me in the dark when they were getting here. The price was fixed as I chose the option of visual estimate,and Lilly came to my house before the pick up,she did the inventory list and discussed all details of the move gave me very good price. They are actual movers so I did pay any brokerage fees $5,800.00

Origin : NJ
Destination : NY

Actual Price : $5,800.00

No Photo Jessy
June 6, 2017

Awesome customer service

Awesome customer service. Very reliable and punctual. Mike and his crew were simply amazing and made our move from NJ to NV very easy.

Origin : Edison, NJ
Destination : Reno, NV

No Photo Emily
May 16, 2017

Excelent moving

We were moving from Georgia to Maryland and decided to choose Boost Express van Lines because of the great reviews from our friends. And I want to say that the moving was really excelent. Drivers were very friendly. The customer service worked responsible and was ready to give me the answers of all our questions. All was done in time. Besides I was impressed about the packing – all was packed very carefully and arrived without any damages. Thanks a lot for them, our moving was comfortable and without any stress. I’ll recommend it to all my friends and relatives.

Origin : Georgia
Destination : Maryland

No Photo Jon
May 10, 2017

1 year later: Still Issues

THIS IS AN UPDATE 1 YEAR LATER FROM MY INITIAL REVIEW I used Boost Express Van Lines in June of 2016. My experience was incredibly poor to say the least. A quick overview they were over 13 hours late, didn't show up on scheduled delivery day, their communication was awful and they attempted to pay me $200 to remove my initial review with a check that eventually was canceled/bounced. On Monday May 8th, 2017 they had a representative reach out to me again to try and pay me to remove my comments. I paid thousands of dollars for their poor services and they decided that a fair amount to have my comments removed was only $400. I did not accept this offer telling them that I feel that my review is worth more to other consumers. The fact that I am still dealing with this company almost 1 year later is unbelievable. But they opened this conversation back up with an embarrassing compensation offer so that they can hide the fact that they are not a good company. Moving is stressful enough and BOOST EXPRESS VAN LINES will only add to that stress! Please take this review for what it is. But I will never be using BOOST EXPRESS VAN LINES again or recommending them to any other consumer.

Origin : Providence, RI
Destination : Fort Worth, TX

No Photo Anthony
May 9, 2017

High Level Moving Service

The best prices, the best rate, really professional movers. That's what I can say about their job. Thank you for helping my family in our relocation needs.

Origin : Bristol, CT
Destination : Reno, NV

No Photo Judy
April 11, 2017

Thank you for wonderful moving ...

I adore this moving company! They worked efficiently, fast and well! I am absolutely satisfied. They cared about me and kept me informed 24/7)) That's why I felt comfortable during my moving)). I will recommend Boost Express Van Lines to my friends!

Origin : NY
Destination : CA

No Photo Steve
March 3, 2017

It was really great to work with Boost ...

Mike and his team just left our apartment in Manchester. They arrived on time, professional , personable

Origin : NH
Destination : WA

No Photo John
February 15, 2017

Avoid at all cost!

Avoid! 11 days late outside of window! They are stating they estimating they are going to delivery between Thursday or Friday. However,a deliver window still hasn't been provide. I would avoid them at all costs! If your using a broker tell the broker you want a different company! Save yourself the trouble! Very poor customer service!

Origin : Medford, NJ
Destination : Tempe, AZ

No Photo Julia
December 3, 2016

Awesome Service!

Boost Express Van lines provided excellent service throughout my move. Mike was able to answer any and all of my questions regarding payment, my move, and scheduling. The movers were very careful with my belongings and were very thorough in making sure they got everything. They also helped move a heavy terrarium that I was transporting into and out of my car. Everything was done in a timely maner so none of our travel plans needed to be changed.

Origin : Washington
Destination : San Jose

No Photo Christina
November 28, 2016

Really professional work

I chose these movers, because I heard many good things about their fantastic job. What definitely attracted me was their excellent customer service and sales department the representative who gave us a quote. Also, Mike and his experienced movers keep their promises and listen to their customers. The price was very reasonable and respectable. Although it is known that nobody is perfect and people make mistakes, but my move was perfect. I will recommend Boost Express Van Lines for other people who want to move.

Origin : Los Angeles, CA
Destination : Fitchburg, MA

No Photo Anastasiia
November 24, 2016

Great Job

We were moving from Michigan to Florida. I had contacted Boost Express Van Lines to do the move, and received a non-binding estimate. Everything made it in tact, for a reasonable price.The movers kept me updated on when they were arriving to pack up and drop off my things and they arrived exactly when they said they would both times.I was pleased with the service.Thank you guys!!!

Origin : Michigan
Destination : Florida

No Photo Michael
November 18, 2016

Fully Satisfied

These guys were amazingly efficient, so professional, and so nice! They moved all of our stuff within 3 hours. I know there are plenty of fake reviews out there, but this is not one of them! You won't be disappointed with these guys at all. They're also very transparent about costs, from the estimate through to the end transaction.

Origin : Brooklyn, NY
Destination : Miami, FL

No Photo Alex
November 2, 2016


The behavior of these people can only be called in one word - outrageous. Price increased as I tired to tell them about what I do not want to get broken furniture. They were late for almost a week. The contract with them, I could only use as toilet paper. It's terrible.

Origin : New York
Destination : S Carolina

Quoted Price : $3,000.00
Actual Price : $4,450.00

No Photo John
August 11, 2016

Well done job!

They guys from Boost Express Van Lines were fantastic. Efficient, on time, they called ahead of time telling me they're on the way and would be at my place in a half hour. The two guys that moved me were absolutely fantastic to work with. Everything went smooth. It took a little less time than what I anticipated. It was really helpful.

Origin : Trenton, NJ
Destination : Midland, TX

No Photo Jonah
May 8, 2015

Excellent Service!

I used Boost Express Van Lines a couple weeks ago, they did an amazing job... punctual, reliable, fast, polite and hard working. Their price was really affordable. They were extremely professional and more than helpful. They came on time and moved a 3 bedroom on a 3rd floor very efficiently. They also took care all of my glass furniture. There was no damage to any of my belongings. We will definitely use them again and I highly recommend them to all.

Origin : Miami, Florida
Destination : chicago, IL

No Photo Jessica
May 8, 2015

Quality, Professional Movers

Boost Express Vanlines was my mover for my recent change of scenery. I move often and I've delt with many movers in the past. Not all have been good experiences. In fact, nearly half have been really awful. The time before my experience with Boost Express Vanlines much of my stuff arrived broken, wet, dirty and just in awful condition. I had NO idea how it could get ruined so quickly, but it did. This time I did my research. I looked into companies and I called multiple and 'checked around'. Boost Express Vanlines was in my price range. When I originally spoke to their representative on the phone they were very kind. They were patient with me as I explained all of my concerns, they answered my questions thoroughly, and they addressed all of my issues with a lot of informative and thoughtful responses. By the time I'd finished scheduling my move with them, my mind was already at ease about how it would go. The movers arrived on time and were courteous and professional. I stayed around for the first few minutes and explained to them what needed packed, what didn't, and what needed extra care. The listened carefully and one of the movers even took notes to remember later. My delivery arrived on time, exactly as scheduled. They were SO careful with all of my things and made sure everything was packed in and unpackaged in perfect condition. They were so kind and although they were quiet, they cracked a few jokes- but they kept everything professional and just got the job done as efficiently as possible. Boost Express Vanlines has been one of the highest quality movers I have had the pleasure of working with. Their representatives are always open to suggestions and take instructions very well. The movers themselves are very careful and really do take pride in ensuring that everything leaves your old place and arrives in your new place in the exact condition it was meant to. I was so relieved to have finally found movers that actually cared. I have moved a lot in my life and it's never an easy task- but it does get A LOT easier when you are working with a moving company like Boost Express Vanlines.

Origin : Seattle, WA
Destination : Anchorage, AK

No Photo Jessika
May 2, 2015

Amazing service

Great service! Made my move much easier and smooth sailing from beginning to end. They came and had everything ready and were beyond helpful. Assured me that everything would be taken care of and actually followed through :)

Origin : Atlantic city
Destination : new York

No Photo Richard
April 25, 2015

Great job

Everyone was very helpful I would recommend this company to anyone of my friends or family

Origin : new York
Destination : new York

No Photo Ricardo
April 19, 2015

Great pros, fast and clean

The move to FL was not easy for us, but guys from Boost Express. Great sales person, on time pick up, packing, everything was very professional. Delivery was within the time frame we expected and the furniture was assembled and placed where we wanted. Highly recommend and would hire them again.

Origin : Brooklyn, NY
Destination : Hollywood, FL

Quoted Price : $2,570.00
Actual Price : $2,450.00

No Photo Cathy
March 20, 2015

Great service!

I recently contacted this company about moving my 3 bedroom house. I called around and they gave me the best rate. Customer service was very knowledgeable and friendly and I had a great feeling about this company so I decided to use them. The guys showed up right on time and helped me pack. They were very careful with my fragile items and furniture. I really appreciated that they didn't rush and made sure to do the job correctly. My belongings arrived right on time at my new place, and everything was intact. I had a great experience with this moving company and would definitely recommend them to others.

Origin : Texas
Destination : New York

Quoted Price : $1,600.00
Actual Price : $1,550.00

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