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Cousins USA Moving & Storage
3551 NW 15th St
LauderhillFL 33311 USA

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Toll Free: 888-600-6683
Phone: 954-792-6650
Fax: 954-792-8832

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No Photo Howard
September 22, 2022

They saved the day

Cousins USA Moving saved us. We had booked with another company and they didn't show up. We were on a deadline with plane tickets for our whole family to fly the next day. We had chosen a cheaper quote to move us, well those guys didn't arrive. We called Cousins USA Moving; the sales rep was able to get us a truck the same day. They did a great job and delivered everything intact to our new place, we couldn't be happier. I definitely recommend them!!

Origin : FL
Destination : FL

No Photo William
September 13, 2022

Very professional

I have had the pleasure of moving a few times in and out of storage with Cousins USA Moving. The 3 gentlemen who had taken care of my recent move were amazing, they all went above and beyond the expectations and were all the way around kind and helpful! Thank you guys for moving my stuff on time, within the quoted amount and without any damage!!

Origin : FL
Destination : FL

No Photo Nick
September 4, 2022

Best service ever!!

In Florida, there are many lousy moving businesses, and then there is Cousins USA Moving. As I've discovered, hiring mediocre movers will almost likely result in bad service — your belongings may be harmed, lost, or even stolen. However, Cousins USA Moving provided me with the best relocation experience I've ever had. They can provide you with the quality service you deserve. They hired some of the most knowledgeable and enthusiastic movers in the country. When you use this company to move your belongings, you can rest assured that they will arrive in good shape.

Origin : FL
Destination : FL

No Photo Caleb
August 22, 2022

Exceptional movers

Cousins USA Moving is professional from the beginning to the end. All my property was wrapped and handled with care. My stuff was put on the truck with care and it looked like we were playing jenga. No slacking or delays on the front or back end. They put my stuff exactly where I wanted w/o as much as a scratch. I highly recommend this company. This was money well spent.

Origin : Florida
Destination : Florida

No Photo Marc
August 13, 2022

They are different

The guy, who I think was the manager, I spoke to at their office was very delightful. He told me exactly what the quote was going to be and then it was exactly that. I had two wonderful gentlemen come to my home and they were very nice. If I have something that I wanted to be placed somewhere else, they were very gracious about doing that. My valuables were completely undamaged when they were delivered. I really couldn’t have hoped for a better move.

Origin : FL
Destination : FL

No Photo Darrin
August 5, 2022

Praiseworthy efforts

It’s not very often that I find people who are truly praiseworthy. But Cousins USA Moving deserves every bit of the praise I’m about to write down for them. The movers were efficient and the customer service was very friendly. I was also impressed by how punctual these guys were. They arrived on time and finished the job really fast. They delivered everything in great condition and maintained the schedule as well. There were no extra costs added to the final bill. I have garnered a lot of genuine respect for these movers without whom my move wouldn’t have been possible.

Origin : FL
Destination : FL

No Photo Cameron
July 24, 2022

Completely satisfied

I had a nice time with Cousins USA Moving recently. They helped me with my interstate move and they have done a brilliant job. Moving with them was so easy and quick! They came to my place on time, moved my belongings with care and delivered everything within the given timeline. There were no damages, no dents and no scratches. Every single person that I dealt with was efficient, caring and nice. I really have no complaints. All I know is that this moving company is amazing! I will use them again!

Origin : FL
Destination : FL

No Photo Alex
July 18, 2022

Very capable set of strong movers

I have had terrible experiences with movers who are physically so weak that they can’t even lift a couch properly. I made sure that Cousins USA Moving knew of my requirements when I hired them to move my belongings. They sent 3 men over whom all looked very strong. They were not only strong, but also very skilled and experienced. I was at awe seeing how easily and quickly they finished packing all my belongings and loaded them to the vans waiting outside. It was a very quick load if I might add. I think I saved a lot of money given how efficient the three men were. I am very satisfied with the overall experience and I highly recommend hiring this moving company.

Origin : FL
Destination : FL

No Photo Andres
July 8, 2022

Smoothest move in my life

Move went pretty smoothly! No complaints at all! Everything went the way a move is supposed to go, FINALLY! I was picked up and packed up by a very professional moving team. They wrapped everything up pretty tightly and I knew the things were protected. As they dropped my things off they really took their time to make sure that everything was in the right place and just how I wanted it. Smoothest move I have been a part of! Cousins USA Moving is fantastic and I want to recommend them to all!

Origin : FL
Destination : FL

No Photo Joseph
July 6, 2022

Handled with care

Moving has never been so easy, well at least for me. But this time it seemed like a completely different ball game. All I had to do was arrive at my location and tell them where to place my belongings, these guys were extremely fast, organized and responsible, they were very careful with my items. Even their estimation was right on point and there were no hidden costs. For their overall service I would definitely give them a good rating and recommend among you all.

Origin : IL
Destination : IL

No Photo Sammy
June 25, 2022

Nice and smooth move

Excellent service! These guys did a great job; I really enjoyed every step of the move because it was smooth and nice. I was searching the net and asking friends and relatives about a good moving company and my friend who has just moved recently recommended Cousins USA Moving to me. He had a great experience with them. He had a long distance move and I needed it for the same reason, so I decided to hire them. Now all I have to say is that I do not regret hiring them at all! Everything was perfect! No damage! No hidden fees! No extra costs! SUPERB!

Origin : FL
Destination : FL

No Photo Nick
June 13, 2022

Office move went great

I relocated my office for some business reasons. After the conversation with their sales rep, a gentleman was sent to make an assessment. He came and made a list of all items needed to be moved. Besides official furniture, I had valuable artworks, portraits, and many other things to move. So I told them to take the highest care. The agent convinced me to keep faith in them. Their crews have been brilliant with packing for every piece of item. They handed over within the given timeline. They released my stress seriously! There was no missing, no spot and I would of course recommend Cousins USA Moving for a stress free move.

Origin : Ft Myers, FL
Destination : Lauderhill, FL

No Photo Franklin
June 9, 2022

Hassle free experience

They were absolutely unbelievable. The guys have been highly strict on time. They arrived at an accurate time on loading day and we received our valuables on the nose, not a minute later. They demonstrated great talent in packing and loading to ensure safety. They shrink wrapped my furniture. The guys at Cousins USA Moving labeled every box and used pads while moving. It was really a hassle free experience. The delivery persons needed to dismantle our furniture before the narrow entrance door and reassembled after the entry. They did it so professionally! I am thinking if I don’t find them in my next move, who will take care of me like this?

Origin : FL
Destination : FL

No Photo Lucas
May 30, 2022

Moved so easily!

Everyone I dealt with from Cousins USA Moving is professional and responds to voicemail messages and email in a timely fashion. They kept their word about cost and delivery time frames. In addition, they always happily answered any questions and addressed any concerns that we had. All in all, they really helped to make me feel at ease about moving. The guys were focused and clearly experienced based on the way that they expedited our move. They are very good for your moving needs!

Origin : FL
Destination : FL

No Photo Benny
May 14, 2022

12 out of 10!

Two years ago when I last moved it was Cousins USA Moving that helped me to have a very smooth move. So I had no doubt on hiring them again last month. I called the sales rep I knew and as he was busy with another client, he forwarded me to his colleague and he was as smart and polite as the previous one. After visiting my house he gave me a quote of reasonable costing and then on the moving day, the guys came with a truck and their accessories. Everything went through very smoothly as expected. Watching them work, I felt like their service quality is getting better and better. If I ranked the previous moving 10 out of 10, this time they should earn 12 out of 10.

Origin : Lauderhill, FL
Destination : Atlanta, GA

No Photo Ricky
April 14, 2022

First time hiring help

This is my first time hiring professionals because I did not want to do it on my own this time. It was a professional team of three people who came to my house right on time and started wrapping and packing all my belongings. They were so friendly, helpful and so careful with all my things. Should I mention that nothing got damaged, broken or lost! I was delighted how they did their job-quickly, professionally and efficiently. The price was more than reasonable and I thought it was going to be a fortune since we had a lot of delicate and fragile stuff. I got excellent service and I can only say that I am more than satisfied with Cousins USA Moving!

Origin : Jacksonville, FL
Destination : Lauderhill, FL

No Photo Steven
April 12, 2022

Did everything they could

This company did everything to make sure our goods were well taken care of and there was no damage. The company was equally seamless in helping us set up our house and this turned out to be an easier task than the packing. My family was very impressed with the quality and the efficiency with which Cousins USA Moving had worked for us. We also would definitely only call upon your services if we ever need packing and moving assistance in the future. Thanks again.

Origin : Florida
Destination : Florida

No Photo Roberto
March 29, 2022

Solid moving company

Such a professional moving company! Cousins USA Moving is all you need. The guys did everything within their limit to make my move smooth. Price was quite reasonable; nothing additional, no hidden fees and actually I knew what I was paying for! Not a single item was cracked or lost! They were very punctual, skilled and well humored. I am very happy with their great service. They are recommended for everyone who is searching for a solid moving company.

Origin : Baltimore, MD
Destination : Lauderhill, FL

No Photo Roderick
March 15, 2022

It was worth it!

Never doubted Cousins USA Moving for a minute! This is my second time using them and I can say that the second time was just as good as the first. This is a professional company, with real people that deal with real situations and help in any way they can. The first time I used them was about a year ago. I never forgot them and I always praise them to my friends. This second time I needed them to move my home and they were just as friendly as before. This time too there were no damages and no problems. It was nice working with them again.

Origin : Florida
Destination : Florida

No Photo Brent
March 11, 2022

We want to thank you all

We want to thank you and your staff for the perfect move! From the day you came to our home, everything went beautifully. Your kindness and personal service showed us right away that we were in for a great experience. We sincerely appreciate how easy it always was to reach you and how quickly our questions were answered. The customer service you provided us was exceptional. And thank you for giving us a damage free move. I shall definitely spread the good news about Cousins USA Moving!

Origin : Florida
Destination : Florida

No Photo Pablo
February 26, 2022

This is how moving should be like!

Moving with professionals like them should be done by everyone that faces the big challenge of relocating. When I had to do a long distance move and had to hire someone for the task, I’m so glad it was Cousins USA Moving. These guys are a miracle and moved me so quickly and carefully and also I paid a very low and affordable price. What I got was – quick move, low price, damage free move and stress free move. Don’t you want this too?

Origin : Miami, FL
Destination : Atlantic City, NJ

No Photo David
February 15, 2022

Professional and affordable service

Using a moving company was not my first idea but my wife made us hire them because she is pregnant and didn’t want us to stress. So after doing a little research I hired Cousins USA Moving and I got a wonderful surprise! This moving company moved us in two weeks, helped us relocate everything safely and in good shape and didn’t rip us off in the end. Not a single damage was found anywhere! Smooth, stress free and absolutely painless moving experience!

Origin : Florida
Destination : Florida

No Photo Armando
February 10, 2022

Highly recommended

I spoke with their manager and he was able to answer all of my questions professionally and accurately. I had a lot of things to be packed and it was a very large move. The movers were determined to give me the best experience ever. No damages or dents which I was very happy to see! They wrapped my furniture very nicely and were very careful with all my valuables. They had this look on their faces that showed how serious they are. They gave me the best moving experience ever! I cannot recommend Cousins USA Moving enough.

Origin : Florida
Destination : Florida

No Photo George
January 28, 2022

Too good I tell you

I couldn’t be happier with their services. Cousins USA Moving knows what you want. They did not let me work at all. They happily did everything I asked and even more. Their rates are surprisingly cheaper than others. I could not believe their prices. And their dedication is worth mentioning. They are very efficient and will get the job done without any delays or damages. Too good I tell you. Hire them and you’ll find out!

Origin : Florida
Destination : Florida

No Photo Gerardo
January 14, 2022

Helpful! Very helpful!

Cousins USA Moving is not just a normal moving company. They are the best. I haven’t seen a good mover in a long time. It’s good to see that there are still movers out there that are too good. I came across them recently when I needed to do a local move. My brother did the set up for me. The guys are pros. They were in and out like a cartoon. All the loading and packing was done in 2 hours! They have the strength like Hulk! And their dedication is mind blowing. Everything was in perfect shape when I received it all. Because of them, I got a flawless move. Well done.

Origin : Florida
Destination : Florida

No Photo Chris
January 9, 2022

They make moving look cool

They are unbelievable!! It's hard to describe how amazing these guys are. They make moving look cool. They knew what they were doing and they loved doing it. They were so precise, efficient and hardworking. Their team knows how to enjoy in everything I think. Watching them kind of makes me want to be a mover. They were so smooth, fast in packing, wrapping and moving everything. All went really well and nothing was damaged. It has been great working with Cousins USA Moving!

Origin : Lauderhill, FL
Destination : Las Vegas, NV

No Photo Charles
December 13, 2021

They are worth every penny

I have used Cousins USA Moving a few times and I must say that they are worth every penny. They are by far the best moving company I’ve seen. On the moving day, a four man crew arrived early in the morning and worked efficiently until the job was done. Every furniture, household item and electronics was packed very nicely. They lifted up the heavy treadmill like it was just an ordinary box. They really know how to do their job. I am completely satisfied.

Origin : Miami, FL
Destination : Amarillo, TX

No Photo Fred
December 9, 2021

They are the best

The foreman and his team were truly the best I’ve seen. They were magical. I did not have to point out a thing; neither did my wife and trust me she points out things a lot. She was very happy with their service. Their crew was hardworking, energetic, friendly and polite. They put pads on the floor so that nothing would get damaged. They safely delivered all our items upon given time. I don’t have anything bad to say about them and if they work the way they did with me, I think everyone will say they are the best.

Origin : New York, NY
Destination : Miami, FL

No Photo Kenny
November 16, 2021

Great guys

Great guys, very efficient and very professional! They came on time and took great care of the situation. They wrapped everything carefully, so that nothing would be damaged at the end. All my furniture stayed intact. There were no hidden costs, also an important thing for me. I will recommend them and definitely use them again. Cousins USA Moving is the movers you can trust! Choose them and you will definitely not have any problems!

Origin : Lauderhill, FL
Destination : New York, NY

No Photo Fernando
November 7, 2021

More than 5 stars

Cousins USA Moving deserves more than five stars. They were fast, nice, professional, careful and so dedicated! I used them for a long distance move and couldn't have chosen better help. I moved into a home that had a narrow hallway and not one piece of furniture touched the walls. They were very impressive! They also labeled which boxes went where, which was so helpful at the end of the day.

Origin : Florida
Destination : Florida

No Photo Robin
October 29, 2021

Great moving team

They called me up and told us they were running a bit late due to traffic. Upon arrival the moving crew worked very hard to catch up the time to minimize any inconvenience. The team was professional, polite and extremely helpful. They completed the packing in 6 hours without any damage or a single dent. They really did well. I am moving again next year and will definitely make this company my first priority. Well done Cousins USA Moving.

Origin : Miami, FL
Destination : Dallas, TX

No Photo Jeff
October 8, 2021

Great quality of service!

Blown away by how great Cousins USA Moving was! We moved from a 3 bedroom apartment into our first home. They were fast, we had everything done and everything was in great condition. Shout out to the foreman and his team members for taking such great care of everything. They plastic wrapped all our furniture before they placed it on the floor to avoid scratches.

Origin : Florida
Destination : Florida

No Photo Jerald
September 28, 2021


We have used Cousins USA Moving many times and can't imagine using anybody else after completely seamless experiences with these teams. They were always on schedule, efficient, FAIRLY PRICED and a pleasure to work with on moving projects. Their care and professionalism instantly put us at ease the first time we used them and we have never once regretted our choice. We would absolutely give more stars if we could!

Origin : Miami, FL
Destination : Atlantic City, NJ

No Photo Clarence
September 13, 2021

Best possible moving experience

Cousins USA Moving is the most reliable company I’ve ever worked with. They accomplished each task according to plan because they showed up on time early in the morning. As I didn’t finish sorting out and packing, they offered to assist me with those activities too. I started the unpacking process the very same night after I reached my new apartment. I’m so happy that I came across these hard working movers who were able to meet all my requirements. I will contact them for my next move without hesitation. This was one of the best moving experiences I ever had.

Origin : FL
Destination : FL

No Photo Phillip
September 6, 2021

You guys did everything necessary

I recently moved and the move was fast and professional. I will definitely use Cousins USA Moving again. The drivers were very professional, and the sales rep did a great job. He was very pleasant to work with and the boys that were with him were very courteous. They completed the move without any difficulties. To be honest it was a good move and I paid a very low price for it. Thanks guys for making my move a great experience. I shall highly recommend you to all my folks.

Origin : Florida
Destination : Florida

While moving, why do you think a professional mover is needed for your services? Well, it is precisely to transform the move-hassles into a smooth and successful procedure and this is what Cousins USA Moving & Storage is known to provide you with. With us you will get a wide arena of high quality moving services that will surely cater to every moving need that you have. Moreover, it is not only the quality of the services that have made us one of the leading movers in the industry, but also the seamless combination of quality and integrity and this is the crux of our success.

At Cousins USA Moving & Storage, our years of experience have taught us the basic difference between every move and have led us to customize our services accordingly. Check out the services that we offer:
  • Cousins USA Moving & Storage offers a number of top quality moving services. With us you can avail local, long distance, interstate and even international moving services.
  • If you have decided to engage in do-it-yourself move, we have services in offer for you as well. We can provide you with durable and high quality packing materials and rental trucks.
  • We are a full service mover where we take minute care of every single step of your move.
  • We provide no obligation move quote and for free. You can get the move estimation done and make the budget accordingly.
  • At Cousins USA Moving & Storage we know the value of time and always offer on-time pick up and delivery for you.
  • Our staffs are all trained and dexterous in their services. They will go that extra mile to ensure a secure and pleasant move for you.
Cousins USA Moving & Storage always strives to take the tension and hazardous part out of your move so that instead of freaking out with move, you can have a smooth and pleasant relocation event with us.

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