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HomeStretch Moving, LLC
235 W Brandon Blvd, Suite 129
BrandonFL 33511 USA

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No Photo Shanell
January 16, 2018

It was just a wonderful experience

It was just a wonderful experience, they did everything for me and I didn't have to do anything. They moved it and they put it in my apartment. That's pretty much it, it was a great experience I didn't do too much. They were cheaper, but you just got to be careful to tell them exactly what you're moving, otherwise, it's an extra charge. They packed what needed to be packed for me and there was no damage.

Origin : Bradenton, FL
Destination : Bayshore Gardens, FL

No Photo Carolyn
November 22, 2017

I LOVED them...

I loved them, they were wonderful. The pricing was fine, I accepted it whatever it was, and you know what, they made it so easy to make the plan. Whatever papers they sent me to check this box, big bed, little bed, dresser whatever. It was EXCELLENT I give them a 10.5 instead of a 10!

Origin : Port Charlotte, FL
Destination : Port Charlotte, FL

No Photo Anonymous
October 3, 2016

Everything was great. The supervisor ...

It was great. Four people and packed. The supervisor came by my house in Tampa to make sure was going on schedule. The team arrived as expected. Everything was great.

Origin : Tampa, FL
Destination : Key West, FL

No Photo Allison
September 19, 2016

They steal

I never write reviews but i really want to tell you about my experience. This is the third time I used them. First two times they were good, same team leader...broke three lamps but took $70 off. This last time the team leader was Robert. They showed up an hour late. Robert wanted to charge me an extra $45 "on the side " for an additional item, but when I asked him to call the owner it was $25. They attempted to steal food and drinks out of my refrigerator. I didn't notice this until the next day when I saw one of their bags in my freezer with MY stuff in it. After I unpacked everything I couldn't find my change bank...probably had about $100 in it along with some collectors coins and bills. When reaching out to the owner he would only communicate via text. Didn't have the professionalism to talk with me. If you value your things...DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY.

Origin : Tampa
Destination : Tampa

Quoted Price : $590.00
Actual Price : $620.00

No Photo Mitch
May 24, 2016

I had a great experience.

I had a great experience. It was fine. They showed up actually a little bit early, finished on time. ...They were very nice gentleman and did a wonderful job.

Destination : DAVENPORT, FL

No Photo Tessy
May 2, 2016

They did everything they were supposed ...

They were good. They did what they were supposed to do. They asked if I liked the placement of everything. They were a few times where I didn't like the placement after I already told them I did, but they moved it again regardless.

Origin : Davenport, FL
Destination : Haines City, FL

No Photo Gina
April 21, 2016

They worked out well.

It was fine. [The pricing] was good. They worked out good.

Origin : Palm Harbor, FL
Destination : Palm Harbor, FL

No Photo John
February 20, 2016

horrible moving company

this moving company quoted me at $500.00 by the end of the move it was at $1,200.00. in the beginning, they seemed to have professionalism and courtesy but half way through the move they were disrespectful. i highly recommend that no one use this company if they need to move anything more than boxes.

Origin : riverview, fl
Destination : riverview, fl

Quoted Price : $500.00
Actual Price : $1,200.00

No Photo Cheryl
February 16, 2016

Very good moving experience!

They were very courteous and efficient and I didn't have any complaints!

Origin : Auburndale, FL
Destination : Auburndale, FL

No Photo Ron
January 21, 2016

They were very gentle with our ...

They did what they said they [were] gonna do, they were gentle with the furniture ... There was just a little bit of damage but nothing to really be concerned about, they took care of that and they set everything up much to our satisfaction.

Origin : Sebring, FL
Destination : Sebring, FL

No Photo Anonymous
December 11, 2015

They did what they were supposed to ...

They moved everything and did what they were supposed to do. ...They provided everything that they needed ... To protect my furniture.

Origin : Clearwater, FL
Destination : Estero, FL

No Photo Bryan
October 29, 2015

I could have hired a crew for half the ...

I went with them because they weren't necessarily the cheapest but they had good reviews and I though their time estimate would have been fair based on what we had. They showed up with a 28' u-haul truck and I thought they would show up with a 28' box truck which I thought a professional moving company would have. It is a lot taller than a u-haul truck and we'd have no problem getting everything in one load. When they showed up I knew immediately that not everything was going to fit, and it did not. They said based on the estimates you gave us, this is what we said we it would take. Then they said for another $250 we can get a trailer and get the rest of your stuff. I said no thanks. So I could have rented a u-haul truck, hired a crew to load the truck and then hire another crew to unload the stuff at the destination for half the price of what I paid them.

Origin : Winter Haven, FL
Destination : Titusville, FL

No Photo Michael
October 28, 2015

They were so good we've used them ...

The guys were real nice, they were prompt and we actually have used them twice so far that's how good they've been.

Origin : Samoset, FL
Destination : Samoset, FL

No Photo Bryan
September 20, 2015

Would not recomend

Expected a professional moving company, with an actual moving truck. Three guys in a 26' u-haul,u-haul blankets, and two worn out hand trucks and a small furniture dolly to move a safe. I could have rented a u-haul my self, hired loading and unloading crews for half of what I was charged. Then there was the under estamite on the number of boxes even though I said I wasn't total sure about box count, but boxes were average size. Movers themselves were nice, but totaly feel I got screwed on price even though their price was "guaranteed". The bad part is I didn't go with the cheapest estimate I got thinking I would OK.

Origin : Winter haven
Destination : Titusville fl

Quoted Price : $950.00
Actual Price : $950.00

No Photo Anonymous
September 2, 2015

There were a few hitches but the price ...

It was okay. They broke a few dishes and damaged my headboard. They offered to come out and fix my headboard ... But I got a really good price. ...Under the circumstances I would say it was pretty decent except for a few hitches.

Origin : Brandon, FL
Destination : Sun City Center, FL

No Photo Evan
August 21, 2015

Worse move - damaged multiple ...

this was the worse moving experience my wife and I have ever had. I can say you do get what you pay for. These guys dropped a brand new front loader dryer off a handtruck on the driveway and smashed the entire front of it They did tell us about it immediately. The unfortunate part was dealing with the office staff after the fact. Even though the movers promised this would get taken care of the office continued to delay the repair until we finally gave up. We attempted to deal with our credit card company which is still in process. In addition, our new stainless fridge was dented. Our wood floor had furniture dragged across it and the floor has to be completely redone in one room as a result. The movers decided to unwrap the furniture at the destination outside rather than unwrapping it in the rooms the furniture would be residing in, so that furniture ending up all getting scratched as it was going through hallways. The icing on the cake was when I sat down in a recliner and fell backyards because they didn't secure the bolts properly. This was disaster of a move. The most irritating part was trying to get homestretch to make good on their promise to rectify the situation. I gave them over 8 weeks to do so. Mr. Pryde even indicated to me he had paid for parts for my dryer, but when I called the vendor directly, they indicated they were still waiting for his credit card. He is a liar and was planning on stringing me along.

Origin : Tampa, FL
Destination : Lutz, FL

Quoted Price : $1,180.00
Actual Price : $1,180.00

No Photo Christine
July 28, 2015

I was very pleased!

They were great. They were professional. They sent me an estimate, and we didn't pay a dime over what they told us. Nothing was broken-I was very pleased with it.

Origin : Palmetto, FL
Destination : Parrish, FL

No Photo Mark
July 14, 2015

The movers didn't take any breaks, ...

[The price] was fair. ...They did good work. ...They didn't take any breaks, they just went straight through.

Origin : Plant City, FL
Destination : Bradenton, FL

No Photo Christian
June 8, 2015

Good, competitive price!

Really good price, competitive. They gave me one of the best estimates and the service was great! I'd definitely go with them again!

Origin : Sebring, FL
Destination : Royal Palm Beach, FL

No Photo Anonymous
April 27, 2015

The company went above and beyond for ...

[They were] on time, careful, thorough. They did a great job. They went above and beyond.

Origin : Palmetto, FL
Destination : Bradenton, FL

No Photo Beki
March 6, 2015

Very pleasant!

Very polite, very pleasant, quick [and] efficient!

Origin : Lake Wales, FL
Destination : Lakeland, FL

No Photo Manette
October 28, 2014

It was wonderful

It was wonderful. They performed everything perfectly, they were there on time, they moved the furniture without any problems, and they were very courteous and kept everything neat and clean. No [they didn't pack anything] I just had 3 big pieces of furniture moved by them. Yes they did [stick to their price quote].

Origin : Plant City, FL
Destination : Plant City, FL

No Photo Don
October 24, 2014

Really nice job

They did a really nice job. They were very friendly, they were very knowledgeable, very professional. They did the job beautifully, they got it done in record time. It was very nice.

Origin : Plant City, FL
Destination : Plant City, FL

No Photo Alexis
September 18, 2014

Very thorough and very responsive!

First, they were very thorough in terms of the way they went about dealing with me from the very beginning on the telephone. I appreciated the fact that they didn't rush me, I didn't feel pressured. They were very clear about what services they were going to provide and how much those services were going to provide and how much those services were going to be for and they came very close to what it was. When it went over what it was, they called me and explained why and I understood.

Origin : Lutz, FL
Destination : Lutz, FL

No Photo Lee
June 11, 2014

Good experience, I would recommend them

My moving experience was good. The speed of service satisfied me the most, I would recommend them.

Origin : Palm Harbor, FL
Destination : Palm Harbor, FL

No Photo Elizabeth
January 7, 2014

Exceptional Moving Company

My husband and I have done a lot of military moves, but this was the first move we have coordinated by ourselves. What an amazing company! I shopped around, and this was one of the few moving companies that didn't charge us for gas, and their price was the best. Their entire team worked for the moving company (not just random people picked up on the way to our house). The team was courteous, and really took their time with our furniture. They finished well below the estimated time, and took only a couple of very short breaks. I would highly recommend Homestretch Moving company. Thanks, guys!

Origin : Lithia, Fl
Destination : Lithia, Fl

Quoted Price : $895.00
Actual Price : $318.00

HomeStretch Moving operates with integrity, offering each customer a personal moving experience providing peace of mind from start to finish.

We achieve this through reliability, professionalism and efficiency in all stages of the moving process from initial contact through the completion of each move. Let us bring your houseā€¦home.

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