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Johnson Storage and Moving Co., L.L.C.
7009 S Jordan Rd
CentennialCO 80112 USA

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Toll Free: 800-289-6683
Phone: 303-785-4300
Fax: 303-698-2154

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No Photo Tess
August 26, 2020


Ask me my opinion of H.W. Johnson ...

Amounts above are estimates. Origin Info Destination Info Quoted Price Actual Price Review Title Review Ask me my opinion of H.W. Johnson Moving Co. *FACT: Husband called at least 3X to verify all that the original quote included, # of boxes & we were promised better qlty. of bxs than we could buy from Home Depot & U-Haul store, # packers #movers, # hours, etc. *FACT: WE requested approx 8 sets of shelves be dismantled then reassembled @new house, owner said it would add to the quote. He gave us the price & said he would add an extra man for Packing Day & 1 extra man for delivery on Day 2. He asked if we could pack the 2 tool shelves but I didn’t get that done. Instead I weeded out over 80 bxs of teaching supplies, craft supplies, photos, college courses, & accumulated items from 45+ years of marriage. *FACT: Day 1 was estimated @ 8hrs w/ 2-3 men. Only 2 came & they ran out of bxs by the end of the morning. They did not bring even HALF of the bxs quoted. Why not & why didn’t these men have the office bring the rest over??! They left & nothing more was done. *FACT: Day 2: according to memory, EXPECTED WERE: 2 box trucks, 6 men & 1 add’l man for shelves (Owner), add’l boxes. When they arrived, we were told they were short 1 man who called off, & another man who never showed up. They filled wardrobe bxs with stuff but NO PACKING PROTECTION. Many little things arrived broken: Examples- hard plastic vegetable tray cracked under weight of heavier items on top, broken jewelry box, 1 fancy glass vases broke=placed in same box with misc kitchen items, most bases from shelves were missing & were not assembled @new home. *FACT: Upon delivery I was supposed to sit In the entry and direct where bxs were to go but also had men unloading to the garage with contents clearly marked by me on the top & bx side where to be placed. I TOOK PICTURES afterwards showing the about 45 boxes marked for STORAGE (From basement/To basement) More bxs were marked for specific rooms but piled in the garage. **MOST AGGRAVATING FACT OF DAY 2: movers brought things in boxes & oversized black trash bags! They actually filled those bags with our belongings! We paid them to protect, pack, transport, & properly place items w/in the new home. It wasn’t until after they left that I went to the basement. They literally piled boxes & bags & furniture from floor to the air vents hanging from the ceiling! It was like a poorly constructed Jenga pile. Big bxs on top of little ones, boxes on top of bags, laundry baskets on top of bags, bags on top of toys on top of box — which, upon opening, had a broken Bodhran. (Irish drum) there were other things damaged or broken b/c of the irresponsibly placed belongings. It’s been over 8 months & we still can’t deal with the mess H.W. JOHNSON left us. ***THE LAST ST

Origin : Union, KY
Destination : Alexandria, KY

Quoted Price : $4,000.00
Actual Price : $5,000.00

No Photo Stacy
August 11, 2020


Terrible Experience for an ...

We have moved internationally half a dozen times and cross country multiple times over the years and have never dealt with a company as unprofessional and unresponsive as Johnson-United. Our move from Nashville to Puerto Vallarta Mexico in May 2019 was nothing but a nightmare and it took a year of dealing with abusive and unprofessional management at Johnson-United to get any kind of insurance settlement. No responsibility was taken by this company and they made excuse after excuse about third party partner problems and local issues. If you decide to use Johnson-United for your next move we wish you the best of luck! Some lowlights: • Movers never showed up the day they were supposed to pack us up. Johnson scrambled to find a local company who could help on a few hours notice • Replacement movers did a lousy job of packing (many broken items) and had no idea of paperwork requirements for international moves • Johnson lost several items of ours en-route and for weeks told us they had them and would be delivered any day but never were • Johnson said they would show up for delivery on a Monday, never showed, said they would be there Tuesday, never showed, said they would be there Wed , showed up at 445pm (deliveries are btwn 9a-5p had been explained to them prior). Finally showed up Thurs afternoon (after saying they would arrive first thing) • Boxes were crushed, damaged and packed into an open uncovered pickup truck. Movers intended to leave all our belongings on the side of the highway, unguarded, overnight until we called Johnson to let them know that wasn’t acceptable. • Filed an insurance claim for damaged and missing items in Aug 2019, including photos and links with replacement cost. Insurance company (Pac Global) set status of claim to waiting on movers to provide shipping documents which Johnson-United never did so Pac-Global closed claim??? • Sent CEO/VP Ops

Origin : Nashville TN
Destination : Puerto Vallarta Mexico

No Photo Daniel
February 28, 2018


Kudos to the team!

I had Johnson Storage and Moving for my recent move from a studio to 1bd apartment. They contacted me the night before to confirm, showed up right on time and brought all the things needed to help wrap up the fragile items and pack loss small items into a box. The manager was very polite and assured us that everything is set. The moving went very smooth and organized! Great work!

Origin : Miami FL
Destination : Miami FL

Quoted Price : $1,300.00
Actual Price : $1,300.00

No Photo Erne
February 26, 2018


Very Helpful!

The Johnson Storage and Moving crew who packed up my apartment showed up early and were efficient. They were nice and super transparent about the process. The crew put everything back together and in the right place, and helped clear all of the boxes. Pricing and paperwork was super transparent and I was very comfortable with the whole process. Also none of my stuff was broken or misplaced. After the guys took my stuff I got another call from customer service to make sure everything went well and to answer any questions.

Origin : Miami FL
Destination : Miami FL

Quoted Price : $1,500.00
Actual Price : $1,500.00

No Photo Naomi
February 22, 2018


Great Help!!

After calling around for enquiry, I reached Johnson Storage and Moving. Fast and dependable! The price was reasonable for their service. When the crew arrived they got right to work, moved very swiftly and efficiently and didn't waste a single moment. They just wrapped up the moving process in couple of hours. Their representative made sure to call and follow up with me at the conclusion of the move to ensure everything went well and good! Very happy with the services!!

Origin : Centennial, CO
Destination : Centennial, CO

Quoted Price : $1,000.00
Actual Price : $1,000.00

No Photo Allen
October 26, 2014



I am a disabled 60 year old with Parkinson Disease. I hired and paid in full JOHNSONS MOVING AND STORAGE, LLC out of Charleston, S.C. with all good intentions. What I received from Richard Johnson and his staff was nothing but thievery, lies, lies, and more lies. Richard Johnson withsraw an additional $850.00 from my debit card above and beyond the agreed upon contract price without even having the courtesy to contact me first. I receieved my possessions in 6 months instead of the 3 weeks he assured me I would receive my possessions, resulting in me having to be hospitalized for several months. When I eventually did receive my possessions I immediately noticed I wasing missing many of very nice possessions. After taking a complete inventory of all the stolen and damaged merchandise it came out to just over $22,000.00. I tried contacting Richard Johnson many times but to no avail. The $15,000.00 worth of replacement cost insurance was a total lie and I was NEVER PAID ONE RED CENT FOR MY LOSSES. I have been a victim of criminal theft criminal abuse of a senior disabled American citizen. PLEASE IF YOU DONT WANT THE SAME THING TO HAPPEN TO YOU, STAY FAR FAR AWAY FROM THESE PEOPLE

Origin : Atlanta, GA
Destination : Quito, Ecuador

Quoted Price : $6,799.00
Actual Price : $7,499.00

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