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Year of Estd: 2/1/2011

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Prime Meridian Moving
175 Walnut ave
BronxNY 10454 USA

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Toll Free: 800-668-3357
Phone: 212-981-4698

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No Photo Jordan
March 4, 2020

Thousands of Dollars of Items Damaged ...

On May 30, 2019 I had my move with Prime Meridian Moving from Westchester to NYC. Before the conclusion of the move, I noticed that many of my items were damaged. I contacted Homitch, took photos of each damaged item and followed up with a claim form. It has been over 9 months without resolution. Homitch did not refute any of the damage caused. After over 6 months and continuing to follow up via email, he responded that the moving company's insurance would provide $200. Thousands-of-dollars of items were damaged. All items that I packaged myself in boxes were undamaged. Most pieces of furniture that were their responsibility to wrap in blankets and move (my coffee table, TV monitors, computer monitors, my couch, etc were severely scratched, crushed or cracked). This was beyond negligent on their part and transcends your typical small scratch or dent of an item. I have multiple deep scratches running along my monitors and glass coffee table. The scratches on the coffee table go from one end of the table to the other and look like pieces of metal were dragged across it, the couch corner is crushed and is noticeably pressed in from a heavy object sitting on top of it. After hearing back that the moving company would only pay $200, I requested to speak directly to the insurance company or for Homitch to speak to them on my behalf requesting more money or that he make up the difference. The move only cost $800 to begin with. The coffee table and couch alone were more valuable than the entire move. The items they damaged due to extreme negligence will cost me thousands to replace. He said he would request more money from the insurance company. After an additional 3 months and continuing to follow up, Homitch, finally got back to me and said the insurance would only pay $100 (this was 4 days ago) and since he felt bad about it, would give twice as much: $200. I forwarded his email from 3 months prior where he had already said the insurance company agreed to pay $200. At this point, it was clear that he was making things up and didn’t remember sending the prior email where he said the insurance company agreed to pay $200. Realistically, he never submitted an insurance claim and decided on his own to pay $200 since he lied about the insurance claim amount in 2 different emails. Given the weeks to months it takes to get a response and only by following up through email continuously, I believe he never submitted the claim within the required 90-day period. Considering he didn't email me until over 6 months from the date of the move with the "insurance company's resolution of $200" and then over 3 months later, claimed they would only give $100 and he would match it, I don't believe he ever contacted the insurance company. Realistically, I would not take 6 months for an insurance company to issue a claim and they would not change the amount of money they offer, cutting it down from $200 to $100. It

Origin : Westchester, NY
Destination : Manhattan, NY

Quoted Price : $800.00
Actual Price : $800.00

No Photo Dan
February 20, 2020


THEY LITERALLY DID NOT SHOW UP THE DAY OF THE MOVE. IT WAS A NIGHTMARE. NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO,DO NOT HIRE THESE GUYS. THEY DON'T DESERVE TO BE IN BUSINESS. This was the most horrific,stressful,worst experience I've ever had with any company ever. An absolute nightmare! Despite speaking to them multiple times over the week,getting their confirmation email for 10am on Friday and them sending over their COI to the buildings,they literally were no shows. See the attached conversation with him! They were supposed to come at 10am on Friday,Feb 14th. At around 10:30 - 11:30 I emailed and called their main office and spoke to Diane who I had dealt with for over a week and she was confused that they weren't there and then said they're on their way. Then,I called back and she thought they already showed up. Then I texted who I think is the owner that I also previously spoke to and said "Hey where are you,you were scheduled to come at 10am." He replied "What is your address again,did you pay your deposit?" and I could not believe what I was hearing. Then he unapologetically said "Can we do it later today or tomorrow?" as if it's not big deal that people need to book movers in NYC at specific times and buildings have rules. I told him "NO I need to move today! That's now not how this works!" At around 12:15 he said guys were on their way. They weren't. Then at around 2pm,his driver called me and said he's on the way. Then at 2:45,the driver said he'll be there by 3:15. I warned them we can't use the elevator after 4PM which they knew when I booked it. Then at 3:45pm,I lost it and went ballistic at them. Then they said they were insulted by my cursing and aren't coming at all. We had to get last minute Task Rabbits to try to help us move at the last second! We had to hobble together whoever we can find,I become the second mover and we had to try to get everything out. We ended up getting almost half our apartment out and our building (after seeing what happened) was nice enough to let us finish the move Tuesday! The whole thing cost us about an extra $4,000!!!!!!!!! I have sent Prime Meridian an invoice for the financial damages caused by their actions and have no problem going to court over it so they pay me back for their complete failure. He did not care at all. Literally the guy could not care a bit and got mad at me for being mad at them! Booking the moving company is the most important part of the move and these guys don't deserve to ever have any business or work with anyone ever again. You can see the full conversation and email in the images attached with times. It's WORTH the read - The conversation should speak for itself. These guys are the BIGGEST JOKE. OMG and the next day at 2PM,I got a call from someone saying they were with Prime Meridian moving and AT MY APARTMENT TO MOVE. Are they kidding me????? NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO,DO NOT HIRE THESE GUYS. THEY DON'T DESERVE

Origin : New York - Gramercy
Destination : New York - Chelsea

Quoted Price : $400.00
Actual Price : $4,000.00

No Photo Maggie
August 25, 2019


Thank you thank you thank you Prime Meridian Moving for everything you did for us last minute. I couldn't be more grateful for this company, the manager and their employees. First and foremost, we hired someone else to move our stuff yesterday and they never showed up. I panicked and immediately went online looking for another moving company. Three people recommended Prime Meridian Moving on Facebook and they reached out to me as soon as they knew I was looking for someone. The manager called his employees to see who was available and within minutes he put together his team and sent them to our apartment in New Jersey. Three men showed up in a large truck a couple hours later, packed up our entire apartment (which was on the third floor with no elevator) and got everything done. These men worked HARD, they wrapped all of our furniture/TV's, mattresses, and made sure everything was well protected before transporting it. They even helped us carry things we didn't want into the dumpster since it was all so heavy! In addition to our apartment, we also had to stop at a relative's house to pick up some more belongings before we headed to the house to drop everything off. Once we got to the house, all of our labeled boxes were neatly stacked in the appropriate places, they helped us set up our bedroom furniture and bed/frame. Everything was done and finished an hour early and we were so incredibly happy with their service. I highly recommend Prime Meridian for all of your moving needs and we will surely be using them for any and all of our moves in the future! - Maggie

Origin : Edison New Jersey
Destination : Freehold New Jersey

Quoted Price : $980.00
Actual Price : $980.00

No Photo Ms.Lerman
December 23, 2014

Made sure everything was wrapped ...

They were efficient, the movers were very good at making all the belongings were wrapped properly. They were timely, they were great!

Origin : Allenwood, NY
Destination : New York, NY

No Photo Gena
December 18, 2014

Movers were fast and arrived on time.

It was okay. They were very fast and efficient ... They came in time to both places.

Origin : NYC, NY
Destination : New York, NY

No Photo Patrick
August 12, 2014

Company met all their promises.

It was great, they were on time, they did the job, it was right on the money, Everything they promised.

Origin : Wykagyl, NY
Destination : Larchmont, NY

No Photo Anonymous
July 14, 2014

Very good, excellent!

They were very good, they were excellent! It was excellent, I had no problems with them, they were very fast, very efficient they came on time, and they're wonderful. It was two guys ad they really did their job well, they really did.

Origin : Pilgrim, NY
Destination : Coram, NY

No Photo Peggy
June 20, 2014

The movers went above and beyond and ...

It was great, they went over and above. They were very innovative. In other words, whenever we came up with something that we hadn't quite expected they were able to respond to it and it didn't phase them at all. They just kept going. The pricing was very reasonable, I would recommend them.

Origin : Valhalla, NY
Destination : Manhattan, NY

No Photo Janiesha
June 6, 2014

I was most satisfied with the movers ...

The service was fine. I was most satisfied with the movers, they came in, packed the stuff up and got it to me. They came the same day I called them. I just wish they would have communicated things better, I gave a woman a list but she hadn't given it to the movers so they were confused when they came to my house.

Origin : Staten Island, NY
Destination : Staten Island, NY

No Photo Rhonda
May 28, 2014

They went above and beyond!

Their customer service and communication was very good. They were very fast and very professional. They gave us the quote and stuck to it. They went above and beyond!

Origin : Larchmont, NY
Destination : Wykagyl, NY

No Photo Bridget
May 1, 2014

Great Moving Service

Great movers, I can't say anything bad about them (even thou I like to criticize people). They came on time (even called me before arrival), were very pleasant, clean and well groomed. We went over the contract, no surprises or hidden fees. Guys worked fast without brakes, all my goods were well wrapped and protected. At the destination they placed all items where I asked them to....amazing service, recommend to everyone.

Origin : Manhattan NY
Destination : Manhattan NY

Quoted Price : $650.00
Actual Price : $650.00

No Photo Sanjeev
February 16, 2014

excelent movers

I used them second time already, I can't tell anything bad about this guys. Showed up on time, well uniformed and groomed, very professional and HONEST! We had stairs at the destination address and we didn't hear even one complaint, they were even joking about it. Very fast, nothing get scratched or damaged-everything was well wrapped in moving pads. I highly recommend prime meridian moving to everyone. Sanjeev

Origin : Brooklyn, NY
Destination : Manhattan, NY

Quoted Price : $1,000.00
Actual Price : $10,002.00

No Photo Olimpia
January 6, 2014


This company knew we were moving out of state and had to be on the road by mid-day. They told us they'd be at our home by 9AM, then called the day before the move to say they'd be there at 8AM b/c they took a last minute job and wanted to work with us first then move to the next job which was much bigger (they had to pack

Origin : Queens, NY
Destination : Miami Beach, FL

Quoted Price : $3,000.00
Actual Price : $4,000.00

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