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Membership(s) & License Info.

Member of BBB: Yes
License Info: US DOT # 1778330
ICC MC # 648689
NY DOT 37507
Insurance: On file: $750,000
Required: $750,000
Year of Estd: 1/1/2006

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Velocity Moving and Storage Location


Velocity Moving and Storage
2417 Third Ave
BronxNY 10451 USA

Contact Info

Toll Free: 888-431-4331
Phone: 212-655-5799
Fax: 347-590-1958

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No Photo Paula
November 23, 2016

Ripped off

The first trip, I thought I was being ripped off. The second trip, there was one fellow who was kind of nasty. He was nasty in the apartment. The supervisor that did most of the work. They left stuff behind that should have been put on the truck. They were worried about time. We have to get moving. He beeped the horn all the way up the street.

Origin : Williamsbridge, NY
Destination : Bronx, NY

No Photo Shaqueta
July 23, 2015

I had no problems with them.

It was good experience,they were on time, everything was done as fast as possible. I had no problems.

Origin : Crotona Park, NY
Destination : Stadium, NY

No Photo Kay
February 6, 2015


They were on time, professional, fast and polite.I would recommend them to anyone looking for a professional mover in NY.

Origin : NEW YORK NY
Destination : NEW YORK NY

Quoted Price : $425.00
Actual Price : $425.00

No Photo Jeff
October 18, 2014

The Worst

VELOCITY REVIEW. October 16, 2014. Well, this review will be a multipart series, as I will give the account of my continually adventurous experience with Velocity Moving and Storage. To begin, though, is my last email received by the company's frontman, Oliver, that sums up the journey I've taken with this crew, a reply to a photo I sent of my dress shirts, rolled into a ball and ruined and stuffed into a box next to electronic equipment. I'll post links to these photos soon. "Jeffrey, We are sorry for that. However, we can't confirm weather this box was boxed by us or was already packed prior. In any event, as mentioned before you can file a claim for your damaged goods." There you have it. Other secret movers stealthily opened taped boxes while in transit. Always happens, right? So there you go. I'll post correspondences later regarding the 100 yo antique table broken in their possession and a living room chair, water damaged and mildewed and ruined in their possession as well. Oliver was kind enough to forward me a link to address this:, along with the always-litigious-sounding suggestion that I may have staged the terrible packing and myself or others destroyed furniture and clothing. That's what happens at Velocity. Obviously in hiring movers, we have to accept our role in the theatre of it all: Movers give an estimate w/out other costs. We sign contracts unexplained, etc. Then things get pricier as the process envelopes. It happens. With every moving company. Some are worse than others, of course. Others shouldn't be in business. I'll write more about this experience and share it with as many people as possible, which is a gift of social media. But I'm still sorting through my stuff over here. This company was hired by an associate of mine to pack and move my possessions from NY to LA. I mention this because on several occasions where I had challenging communications with Oliver he would say that if I didn't like the terms I can come to his facility in the Bronx and get my stuff. Then I would say "Oliver, you're holding my possessions hostage." This would upset Oliver, and he would tell me that that is a lie. I would explain that as I am 3,000 miles away from the Bronx, picking up my stuff from him would be impossible and, thus, he is holding my possessions hostage. I would further explain that asking nearly impossible terms in retrieving something is the mainstay of hostage taking. Oliver disagrees so perhaps he's right. He wasn't holding my stuff hostage, after all. Well, more to come. Good luck with moving, everyone.

Origin : New York
Destination : Los Angeles

No Photo Deborah
August 29, 2012

Successful and hassle-free move

This moving company was so good that I've already recommended them to friends and family who are also going to be moving in the near future. They had great service and even better prices, especially for the services they provided me. Their staff and crew was great and ready to help with whatever I needed.

Origin : Boulevard, NY
Destination : NYC, NY

No Photo Natasha
July 31, 2012

Exceptionally good service

I am very much impressed by the way the movers carried out their job and would definitely like to recomend them to my friends and family. The movers were on time and were very careful while handling my belongings. They were nice and well behaved. The entire move went smoothly and it was reasonably priced.

Origin : New York, NY
Destination : Brooklyn, NY

No Photo Victoria
July 5, 2012

Bravo Velocity

From the time of pick-up to the unpacking of boxes at our new home, the entire moving experience has been amazing. The movers did an excellent job and I highly recommend them to my friends and family.

Origin : Flushing, NY
Destination : Astoria, NY

No Photo A.
January 23, 2012

Most Professional And Accurate

I have just recently moved from NYC to Los Angeles CA. from all the companies I spoke to, velocity by far was the most professional and accurate when I got the estimate. When they moved me I was even more impressed. They showed up on time, nicely uniformed and were very professionals. The movers were very patient and friendly. The delivery came on time and I was never so pleased with any moving company I have used before. They were exactly what my friends said - they are the professionals you can trust.

Origin : New York, NY
Destination : Los Angeles, CA

No Photo D.B
January 23, 2012

WONDERFUL customer service!

Velocity Movers was the BEST experience I have ever had with a moving company! They were polite and had WONDERFUL customer service! I will be using them for every move I ever make in the future! I also recommend them to all of my friends and family. My move was completely stress - free. They showed up on time, in great moods, moved quickly (no lagging to make the time go longer). Overall this was my best moving experience ever!

Origin : Bronx, NY

No Photo Sandra
January 23, 2012

The movers were by far the best we ...

I recently hired Velocity Moving to move and store our furniture and they were great! I have moved four times and they were by far the best company I have used. The sales person Lenny Goodman was right on his estimate. (Our last movers were $800.00 over their estimate) Lenny was very friendly and informative. The movers were by far the best we have used. They were uniformed and very clean cut which was a pleasant surprise after out last movers. All of our furniture was wrapped and not one thing was damaged! They even protected the walls and floors. My husband and I could just tell they took pride in their job and cared about our furniture. I have already referred Velocity Moving to two of my friends. Thanks Todd and Velocity Moving for dong such a great job! You are truly the professionals we trust!

Origin : New Rochelle, NY

No Photo Kelly
October 6, 2010

helpful and professional

This is my third time using a moving company. I moved the contents of my apartment from NYC to LAS VEGAS . The move cost me $1,900.00, and it was worth every penny. Everyone arrived on time. The men packed my expensive T.V and it arrived in perfect condition. Delivery was on time as well, and both the loading and unloading of the truck was done in a very quick and professional manor. The price was the exact price that my sales rep quoted me, and the move itself happened exactly like they said it would. My father will be moving with Velocity moving and storage in his upcoming move, and I will recommend this company to everyone who is looking to move. for being as helpful and professional as they were.

Origin : NYC
Destination : LAS VEGAS

Quoted Price : $1,690.00
Actual Price : $1,690.00

No Photo Michelle
September 30, 2010


Using VELOCITY MOVING for my last move was a rare experience. Not only for the moving industry, but for the service industry in general. Especially now days where a genuinely good service is very hard to find. VELOCITY MOVING takes moving to another level and creates a league of its own in the moving industry, where anyone with a truck thinks he can call himself a moving company. Dealing with VELOCITY MOVING was a pleasure and a seamless experience from the very initial step of scheduling the move, to the very end of it. From the very first phone call you realize you are dealing with professionals, which makes the moving experience almost stress-free. The day of the move was phenomenal. Not only were the movers on time, but they were early. Still they called me before coming up to my apartment to confirm it was OK. The movers were professional, courteous, patient and very efficient. They took care of everything (and I mean everything: they did not even let me cover the mattress spring box with the bed skirt, but insisted on doing it themselves). They were very careful in carrying the big furniture to make sure they don't damage the walls or the furniture. They did not drag any furniture or boxes on the floor but gently placed them where i told them to. They were extremely patient and were happy to try various furniture arrangements until I was sure i got the right layout. They did not leave until they made sure i was happy with where everything was (boxes and furniture). I ha

Origin : New York
Destination : New York

Quoted Price : $590.00
Actual Price : $620.00

No Photo Michelle
September 30, 2010


I was very impressed most of all by their customer service. They were so friendly and helpful from the first time I called for an estimate. On the job I felt secure that they were very careful with my things. And everyone was professional. I will definitely use them for my next move

Origin : New York
Destination : New York

Quoted Price : $590.00
Actual Price : $605.00

Many people today are looking to find the best possible moving corporations to book their move. You may ask a lot of friends, family to find out the best company which can make your move. In case you have not found any, we can do the job for you. We are a proud member of the American Moving and storage Association (AMSA).

Our main goal is to be "the professionals you trust!"

For every move, it is very important to get a free estimate as the free estimate can give you an overall picture of the entire relocation procedure. In case you are planning to move across the state, velocity moving and storage can do the relocation for you. We have many moving tips and coupons available with us, so that our customers are able to have a safe relocation experience.

Whether it is moving across a town, or whether it is in moving across the street, we will do what all it takes to make your safe and secure. Our services also include auto transportation for shipment of vehicles and storage facilities which include fire theft and smoke alarms, with 24 hour video surveillance cameras. We are fully insured with general liability insurance. We also provide a certificate of insurance to apartment buildings at no charge.

Velocity’s fleet is our main focus and our source of pride. Our vehicles are equipped with a state of the art navigation system specifically designed for trucks. Our trucks are clean and fully loaded with all kinds of moving supplies. The trucks contain hydraulic lift gates as well as ramps that ease the loading and unloading which helps during transfer. We also have furniture dollies, furniture pads, hand trucks and special straps to secure and protect your goods. Call us today and make your moving a success!

DBA Name: Velocity Moving & Storage
Entity Type: Carrier
Operating Status: Authorized For HHG
Out of Service Date: None
DUNS Number: -
Power Units: 4
Drivers: 12
MCS-150 Form Date: 10/3/2013
MCS-150 Mileage (Year): 30,000 (2010)
Operation Classification: Auth. For Hire
Carrier Operation: Interstate
Cargo Carried: Household Goods

Business Address:
2417 Third Ave 10451 Bronx, NY, 10451
Phone: 212-666-3030
Fax: 347-590-1958

Mailing Address:
2417 Third Ave Bronx, NY, 10451

Last Updated Date: December 17, 2013

Property Passenger Household Goods Private Enterprise


Type Common Contract Broker
Status Active None None
App Pending No No No


Type BIPD Cargo Bond
Required $750,000 Yes No
On File $1,000,000 Yes No

Authority History

Auth TypeHousehold Goods Common Carrier
Original ActionReinstated
Original Action Dt.06/26/2009
Disposition Dt.


Auth TypeCommon
1st Served Date05/07/2009
Effective Date06/09/2009
ReasonInvoluntary Revocation

Active/Pending Insurance

Insurance CarrierAmerican Zurich Insurance Company
Posted Date06/04/2012
Converage From and To$0 - $1,000,000
Effective Date06/03/2012
Cancellation Date

Insurance History

Insurance CarrierTransguard Insurance Company Of America Inc.
Converage From and To$0 - $1,000,000
Effective Dt. From and To 06/03/2011 - 06/03/2012 Replaced

Insurance Address

CarrierAmerican Guarantee & Liability Ins. Co.
AuthAnne Mcneish, Dir - Asc


Inspection Type Vehicle Driver Hazmat IEP
Inspections 4 4 0 0
Out of Service 2 1 0 0
Out of Service % 50 25 0 0
Nat'l Average %
(2009- 2010)
20.72 5.51 4.5 N/A


Type Fatal Injury Tow Total
Crashes 0 0 0 0

Review Information

Rating Date Rating Review Date Type
5/27/2010 - - Non-Ratable

Unsafe Driving


Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT) : 0
VMT Year : -
VMT Source : -
Average Power Units (APU) x Utilization Factor (UF) : 3.3
Total Inspections with Unsafe Driving Violations : 0
Total Unsafe Driving Violations : 0

Hours-of-Service (HOS) Compliance

6< 3 insp. w/viol.65%

Relevant Inspections : 4
Total Inspections with Hours-of-Service (HOS) Compliance Violations : 2
Total Hours-of-Service (HOS) Compliance Violations : 6

Driver Fitness

0.5< 5 driver insp.80%

Relevant Inspections : 4
Total Inspections with Driver Fitness Violations : 1
Total Driver Fitness Violations : 1


Controlled Substances and Alcohol


Relevant Inspections : 4
Total Inspections with Controlled Substances and Alcohol Violations : 0
Total Controlled Substances and Alcohol Violations : 0

Vehicle Maintenance

8< 5 vehicle insp.80%

Relevant Inspections : 4
Total Inspections with Vehicle Maintenance Violations : 2
Total Vehicle Maintenance Violations : 8

Hazardous Materials (HM) Compliance

-Not Public80%

Relevant Inspections : 0
Total Inspections with Hazardous Materials (HM) Compliance Violations : 0
Total Hazardous Materials (HM) Compliance Violations : 0

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