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American Moving Trends

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Citizens of the United States move for many reasons and to many different places, and when these statistics are studied, certain moving trends begin to emerge. Learn more about American moving trends by perusing the infographic above.

American moving trends

Multiple factors shape a majority of trends across the American moving landscape, such as why people choose to move. Currently, the majority of Americans are moving to areas that give them...
  • Cheaper housing (106 people for every 100 people moved to areas with more affordable housing)
  • More job opportunities (106 people for every 100 moved to areas with higher employment rates)
  • A lower population density (107 people for every 100 moved to less highly populated areas)

Nationwide trends

One trend popping up all over America is that the majority of moves taking place are short distance moves within the same state or even the same county, signalling an overall decline in interstate moves.
  • 49 percent of between county moves are less than 100 miles
  • 38 percent of between county moves are less than 50 miles
  • Two thirds of all domestic moves occur in county

Trends from state to state

In recent years, 1.2 million people migrated from states in the Northeast to the Midwest, with citizens favoring moves to the suburbs and states located in the sunbelt.
  • States most Americans are moving to - Texas, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina and Colorado
  • States most Americans are moving out of - New York, Illinois, California, New Jersey and Michigan
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Cassandra Rose  Posted by Cassandra Rose on January 15, 2015

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