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How Long Does It Take to Ship a Car?

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Many people assume that shipping a car to a new destination can take weeks! But, in reality, a reliable auto transport company should never take more than nine days to move your car - and some long-distance moves can be finished within a week.

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If you're planning to ship a car from one place to another, we will teach you all the ins and outs like -- what you should do before shipping a car, how to prepare your car for shipment, why you should use car shipping service and how long does it take to ship a car so that you will get to know the entire moving process and be more comfortable with your decisions while moving.

There are too many variables involved and affects the delivery time frame as well as the shipping costs. They are:

  • Driving time and distance traveled is one of the most obvious factors. The longer the distance, the longer time it takes to deliver.
  • Location of pickup and delivery : Though the car shipping costs depends on the distance the vehicle need to be moved, but the location of pickup and delivery is a key factor of the car shipping pricing.
  • Season during the shipping : Transporting your vehicle during winter could be more expensive than during summer season. This is just because of bad weather, increased traffic and the dangerous road conditions during the season which drives the car shipping costs higher.

Depending on all these factors, it could take anywhere from two days to two weeks for your car to arrive at its desired destination. Here's the general car shipping delivery time estimates:

Distance to travel Length of shipment
1-200 miles 1-2 days
201-600 miles 2-4 days
601-1,000 miles 3-5 days
1,001-1,500 miles 4-6 days
2,000-2,400 miles 5-7 days
2,401+ miles 7-9 days

How to choose an auto transport company?

Do the proper research and find a company that meet your needs. Then, check the company you are considering for hire offers you a free quote, so you can compare prices from a variety of companies. You can get started comparing free quotes from auto transport companies at Movers.com. All you have to do is to fill the obligation-free quote form to get quotes from different companies.

Remember, auto transport companies will provide car shipping costs based on the distance and location of your move. Details are very important in this process, so it's imperative that you have your vehicle's make, model, and year on hand.

Why you should use a car shipping service?

You can save money with a car shipping service and it is the more convenient to ship a car than driving it yourself. Additionally, company will give you a time based on your pick-up and delivery requests. Driving for hours can be stressful and it may put your car at risk. So, it's a good idea to use a car shipping service to transport your vehicle. Also, a good auto transport company will communicate with you about the transit and keep you updated. You should only consider driving to your new location if it's local and not a significant distance from your original home.

Advantages of using a car shipping service

  • The cost of transporting your car is usually less than the amount of gas you will need to buy.
  • Using a carrier will not add to the overall mileage on the vehicle.
  • By utilizing a car shipping service, you can save time and you don't have to worry about damage, blown-out tires, accidents, or bad weather conditions.

What you can do to get your car delivered quickly?

To get an update on the status of your vehicle's delivery, communicate with the auto transport company and determine whether you need your car BEFORE or ON that date. If you will be out of town during the expected delivery times, let the company know beforehand.

Depending on the method of shipping, you might receive door-to-door service or be given a designated pick up location.

Can you ship your car with personal items?

No, you can't have your personal belongings in your vehicle because it will add excess weight to the vehicle and the Department of Transportation fines companies who transport packed cars. That's the reason most companies request you do not pack your car with boxes. So, before you ship your car, make sure to remove all valuable items in it.

For more information, check out our a guide to shipping a car with personal items.

Other important things to do before shipping a car

  • Do not wait until the last minute to book your shipment
  • Plan to transport 10 days before your move
  • Find the easiest and the cheapest way to ship a car
  • Check out ratings and reviews from other customers
  • Beware of auto transport brokers as they do not own their own trucks and rely on auto transport carriers to transport vehicles
  • Most auto transport companies will not ask for a deposit
  • Research the safety and delivery records of the company
  • Call the company to ask questions and about "what if" scenariosv
  • Do not base your decision on price alone
  • Document the condition of your car before and after the shipping process
  • A car that is not in ready-to-drive condition will cost extra
  • Bring some extra gas when you pick up your car in case you need it

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