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How Much Will Full Service Moving Cost You?

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Moving is a complicated process, involving many variables which affect the price you pay. You could opt for a do-it-yourself-move, where you will rent your own trailer, buy your own packing supplies, pack up your own belongings, load them onto the truck and drive it to your new home.

However, if time is scarce, and money is not a huge concern, consider a full-service move.

The cost for a full-service move will depend on the weight of your goods, distance you are traveling and services rendered. If you do opt for this service, your expenses will be greater than if you hired the movers to just load or drive the truck. The following guide will provide you with some information on the definition of a full-service move, the circumstances that might call for one and some general estimates of what you can expect to pay for this type of move.

How much will full-service moving cost you?

On the day of your in-home estimate, a surveyor will come and assess your home and the amount and weight of your goods. They will make a list of every item that needs to be packed, whether it is only several items or the entire contents of your household.

You may decide you want only certain items packed by the movers -- such as fragile china and glassware or heavy, difficult items like furniture and appliances. The less items you require packing services for, the less your end cost will be.

An estimate will be constructed on the basis of the following factors:
  • Amount of goods
  • Time it will take to pack them
  • Time constraints
  • Additional labor (if necessary)
  • Assembly or disassembly of furniture or appliances
  • Packing supplies
  • Weight of your entire shipment that will be loaded onto the truck
  • Distance the truck will travel
If your move is local (less than 100 miles) you may only be charged an hourly rate for the loading and transporting, plus an additional cost for packing services.

While the ultimate cost of any full-service move will vary greatly based on the specific characteristics of the move, the following table will give you an idea of some of the standard rates:

SIZE vs DISTANCE 100 miles 500 miles 1000 miles 3000 miles
2 bedrooms (5,200 lb) $4,250 $5,150 $6,000 $8,100
3 bedrooms (7,800 lb) $6,000 $7,300 $8,650 $11,750
4 bedrooms (10,400 lb) $8,000 $9,500 $11,250 $15,000
5 bedrooms (13,000 lb) $9,750 $10,800 $13,800 $18,650

Remember, the weight of household goods will vary on an individual basis. These numbers are only estimates used for the sake of example. Additionally, these costs were calculated as the price for full-service moves plus complete packing services -- the numbers would be less if you required only partial packing assistance.

What is a full-service move?

A full-service move is one where the moving company takes care of every aspect of your move -- carefully wrapping and packing your belongings, loading them onto the truck, driving the truck to your destination, unloading your belongings and putting them where you request in your new home.

Depending on the amount of goods in your home, this can increase the cost of your move a considerable amount.

When should you hire full-service movers?

You may be wondering when you should consider hiring full-service movers. The biggest deciding factor will be your budget. The more duties you assign to the professionals, the higher your expenses will be.
  • If you have the extra money, and cost is not an issue of concern for you, you may decide to hire full-service movers. This way, you can sit back and let the movers take care of everything while you attend to the many other tasks that relocation requires. This is also a great option for those who cannot move easily. For example, pregnant women or elderly relatives should not be putting their health in jeopardy!

  • If you need to expedite the process, allow movers to handle the entire move for you. Packing and loading are tedious, time-consuming tasks. If you are very busy and cannot afford to take days off from work, finding time to get organized and pack can be daunting. If you pay your movers for packing services, they can pack up the contents of your entire home in as little as one day.

  • If you are worried about damaging your belongings, leave everything up to the trained professionals. This will ensure that your belongings are handled with the utmost care -- meticulously wrapped and packed with skill. Movers are adept at packing procedures and know the most effective ways to wrap, box, and load your items onto the truck to maximize space constraints and prevent damage during transport.

Is it really worth it to hire a full-service movers?

Hiring full-service movers can add several thousand dollars to your moving costs if you require complete packing assistance. Your specific situation will determine the need for this service.
  • Can you afford it? If you have the extra money to spend, full-service may be your best option. This will save you the time and energy of packing and transporting. Relocation is tedious and stressful.

  • Do you have time limitations? Specific needs -- like timeline constraints -- will be a deciding factor when hiring full-service movers. If you work long hours or are moving in a hurry, professionals will get the job done in whatever time you allocate.

  • Do you have specific items you'd like help packing, assembling, or connecting? You can opt for a partial packing service and request help with harder items like furniture and appliances.

  • Do you want to keep yourself -- and your belongings -- safe? Leaving the majority of the tasks up to the professionals will decrease the chances of damaged or broken belongings and limit the stress and pressure often caused by relocation. You will also prevent injury caused by lifting bulky belongings and loading them onto the truck.

No matter what services you decide you require, always do plenty of research on potential companies and acquire at least three estimates before choosing one for hire.

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