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How to Deal With Rain on Moving Day

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What should you do when your scheduled moving day comes along and a major rainstorm is right around the corner? Sometimes rain comes at the worst possible moments, and a rainy moving day will really derail your plans. Being prepared for whatever bad weather may come your way is a part of the moving process, so it's always a good idea to know how to handle it.

dealing with rain on moving day

While a little rain is nothing to be afraid of, it can cause quite a few problems for your move -- especially if you don't expect it. Even if you know the weather forecast ahead of time, it can still create issues for your move.

This guide will take you through what you can expect to encounter if it rains on your moving day and what kind of measures you can take to protect your home and ensure everyone is safe.

Safety precautions for a move in rainy weather

First and foremost, the most important thing to remember is that the safety of your movers and of your family is the number one priority. A light drizzle is not going to put anyone in immediate danger during a move, but serious rainstorms and thunderstorms can pose several potential risks.

When your move is interrupted by bad weather, it's always a smart idea to play it safe and err on the side of caution -- even if that means taking a short break from the move and waiting it out until the storm passes. Here are some other tips on how to stay protected during your move when it rains:

  • In case of a thunderstorm, stay inside. Thunderstorms are fairly common during the hot, humid summer months and with them comes lightning. Lightning is not dangerous when you're safe inside your house, but you're putting yourself in danger if you're outside hauling large, metal appliances.

  • Be especially wary of slippery surfaces. Rain can also cause a lot of things to become slick, so watch your step when you are moving in the rain. Be extra careful on smooth surfaces like wood floors, metal or rubber surfaces -- like while packing and loading a moving truck. In fall, be extra cautious around the wet piles of leaves on the ground.

  • Dress appropriately for the weather. Try to have a rain jacket or light poncho on hand to keep your clothes dry. Wet clothes tend to sag with the weight, increasing the likelihood that it can get caught while you're moving and cause you to fall.

Protecting your belongings when it rains on moving day

The rain can have a detrimental effect on some of your belongings if exposed to wet conditions for too long. It can ruin things that are particularly fragile or prone to water damage. Here are some tips on how to make sure that your belongings stay safe and dry in the rain:

  • Protect your belongings. There are a lot of things you can use to protect your belongings from the rain, like moving blankets, towels or shrink wrap. If rain is in the forecast, make sure to ask your movers about what they recommend to keep your belongings dry.

  • Be careful with appliances and wooden furniture. The two most vulnerable types of items to move in the rain are your appliances and wood furniture. Water can cause a significant amount of damage to any electronic devices and can warp expensive pieces of wood furniture.

  • Keep moving boxes out of the rain. Something fairly unpleasant tends to happen to cardboard moving boxes when they're exposed to rain: they get wet, soggy and begin to fall apart. That's not what you want happening to boxes that contain your most important possessions, so keep them covered and protected at all times.

Protecting your home during a move in the rain

Finally, dealing with rain on moving day also involves protecting your carpets, floors and rugs from water damage. With movers coming in and out of your house to move furniture and carry boxes, there is likely going to be a lot of wet shoes all over your floors.

Tracking water all over the house can damage wood floors and soak carpets, so lay down some old towels or tarps to protect them from the elements.

Robert Moreschi  Posted by Robert Moreschi on December 18, 2018

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