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Things You Should Know Before Moving to Moreno Valley, CA

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Moving to Moreno Valley is more than just a thought. This is proven by the province's explosive growth between 1984 to 1990. More than doubling its population from 49,702 to 118,000, Moreno became the second largest city in Riverside County, putting itself on the map as one of the most popular parts of California.

Since 1990, the city as again almost doubled its population, with new residents moving to the region from within the state and from across the country. Bountiful business, excellent education and regional recreation all make Moreno a family-friendly town so many consider home.

To find out more about Moreno, read through this guide and get a feel for what the town has to offer adults and children alike. You just may be surprised at all the possibilities.

Moreno Valley Climate

The semi-arid, low precipitation, and Mediterranean, dry summers and mild winters, climate brings all four seasons. Summer is the hottest month that averages 95-degrees in August, and winter is the coldest month that averages 42-degrees. Spring temperatures are typically between 76 to 87-degrees at the hottest and 49 to 57-degrees at the coldest. Fall climate averages 74 to 91-degrees at the hottest and 46 to 59-degrees at the coldest. Moreno Valley sees approximately 13-inches of rainfall annually and absolutely no snowfall.

Moreno Valley Neighborhoods

As one of California's fastest growing cities, 5 different districts make up the many Moreno Valley neighborhoods that cover the 51 square-mile municipality. City Center, Belvedere Heights and Box Springs are but a few of the dozens of subdivisions that locals call home.

Sunnymead Ranch, located in the Moreno Valley hills, is a popular place to live. With one of the largest lakes in Riverside County, neighbors enjoy one another's company in and out of the water. With several volunteering committees in the small community, safety and scenery remain a precedence in the province.

While Shadow Mountain has its own park and Hidden Springs has its own elementary school, Rancho Belago has the most retail in the city. Wherever you may decide to settle in any of the 5 districts, Moreno Valley neighborhoods are family-friendly and filled with an array of activities always happening along the sidewalks.

Registering Your Car

The California Division of Motor Vehicles mandates that you have 10 days to maintain a license if you relocate to Moreno Valley. You are considered a state resident if you register to vote, pay school tuition or file property taxes. Along with completing an application, new residents must provide proof-of-name, address and birth date, as well as a social security card to get a California license.

You must also take a vision test and pay a $39 fee for the permit. Registering your car and receiving California plates is easy. With the necessary paperwork and proof of insurance, you can register your car in the Golden State for $46 dollars. After your car is registered, you will receive new license plates.

Moreno Valley Schools

The Moreno Valley Unified School District and the Val Verde Unified School District instruct area children, with each system offering a unique education. Moreno Valley educates approximately 35,000 students in 35 schools where Val Verde serves about 13,000 students in 12 schools. After growing up in either one of the school districts or in any one of the Moreno Valley private schools, students can then pursue a higher education in the area.

Riverside Community College District governs the Moreno Valley College that is directly located in the city. The local college has any number of associates degrees and certificates that are attainable in two years time. However to receive a bachelor's degree at a four-year school, students must commute 20 minutes outside the community to the University of California Riverside.

Moreno Valley Employment

Education ties directly in with employment as the Moreno Valley Unified School District is the second largest employer in the area employing 4,000 employees. Above the school system, March Air Reserve Base is the largest employer in Moreno Valley, with more than 9,000 staff members.

Though there is a 12.8% unemployment rate in the region, almost 5 points higher than the national average rate of 7 .9%, finding a job to support your family in the area is possible as long as you have a positive attitude and perseverance. The local classifieds or the Moreno Valley Chamber of Commerce are excellent sources to seek when you are searching for employment. And Moreno Valley staffing agencies are also great references to research when you look for a job in the region.

Living Costs in the City

The median family income of $62,522 and the median home price of $156,000, according to CNN Money, makes moving to Moreno Valley very possible when all things are considered. Though the cost-of-living is 12.2% greater than the national average, the cost-of-living is 14.4% less than the state average, making Moreno Valley one of the more affordable California communities.

If you rent property in the province rather than purchasing it, you will find reasonable rates in area apartments or condo complexes. With a one-bedroom unit beginning at $750 and a two-bedroom unit around $1,200, a small family can find many places to live affordably in the valley.

Moreno Valley Moving Resources

Moving and storage companies are ready and willing to help you with your move to Moreno Valley, whether you’re moving from out of state or from another county in California. Make sure you get estimates from multiple moving services before you commit to hiring any (at least three estimates). Check back to our guides for tips on how to choose your moving service wisely with important questions to ask, differentiating between types of estimates, and mistakes to avoid. Visit the following pages at Movers.com to get quotes for the following services:

Moreno Valley Transportation

While Moreno Valley motorists drive SR 60 to get around town, residents who choose to use public transportation ride on the Riverside Transit Agency. With 36 fixed-routes, the system stops throughout the valley, making it convenient for locals to travel at a low cost. With a general fare of $1.50, a daily fare of $4, a weekly fare of $16 and a monthly fare of $50, traveling about town on a fixed budget is feasible. For longer distances, locals jump on Amtrak trains or fly out of Ontario International Airport, both 30 minutes out of Moreno Valley.

Culture & Contemporary Life

Having a life in Moreno Valley means being in touch with Mother Nature. Like countless other California communities, locals who live among the hills, mountains and lakes enjoy entertaining themselves outside. Lake Perris State Recreation is probably the most popular spot residents can be found relaxing in. Between water sports, horseback riding, hiking or touring a bike trail, good healthy fun is at locals' fingertips. And since man's best friend must also have quality-of-life locally, the Hound Town Dog Park makes every family member happy, even if they are furry.

When residents are looking for a little excitement inside rather than out, they often frequent the Round 1 Amusement Park, Moreno Valley Mall, Regency 8 Theater or even the Moreno Valley Library. And of course when locals feel like eating out or grabbing a drink, they frequent the many fabulous Moreno restaurants that offer various cuisines and clubs that have intimate settings. A good time in Moreno Valley is just a matter of deciding how you want to have fun.

Moreno Valley Relocation Tips

  • The Press-Enterprise is the perfect place to go to when you want to find out more about Moreno Valley. There is no better way to get acquainted with an area other than reading about it in the local news.


  • Take a vacation in the valley and see if the vicinity is where you and your family could settle down and be happy.


  • Moreno Valley Library is a happening hub in the community, offering a plethora of information on community-wide services, programs and events.

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