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Pros and Cons of Hiring and Working With Student Movers

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When you think of movers, you probably think of a professional moving team in uniforms. However, there are many youth-based moving companies, like Starving Students and Strong College Students, which capitalize on the strength of student movers to handle the physical labor needed to relocate. If you're considering working with student movers, weigh the positive and negative factors before you decide if hiring college movers is right for you.

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Regardless of how old, strong or experienced the movers are, don't forget to thoroughly interview them with important questions about their background. The more you know about an organization, the better you'll feel.

Advantages of hiring and using student movers

  • Cost: Many student-run moving companies advertise cheap prices. College students are going to be willing to work for far less money than those who work for a professional moving company. College and living away from home can get pretty costly for students, so they are always looking for ways to earn some extra money. However, hiring the cheapest movers is not always a good idea and can cost you more in the end.

  • Strength: Younger adults are stronger and could lift heavier weight at a faster pace than older individuals moving the same items. Younger people are naturally more energetic, agile and quick to think. This advantage is significant, because time is money in the moving business. The entire moving process will be quicker and smoother.

  • Acquaintance: With so many college students in almost every town across the nation, most families have or know a college student. This convenience is also a considerable factor when hiring a student mover, since knowing the individual handling your household items offers more peace of mind than a stranger in your home.

  • Experience: Student movers, who relocate in the fall and spring for at least their first two years of on-campus college living, have skills in packing and moving. College students know quick and easy tactics to move your belongings from one place to another, since they have to do it so often themselves. Therefore, they most likely have some good experience in moving. This considerable quality shines a green light on the youth so willing to work for cheap.

Disadvantages of hiring and using student movers

  • Age: Due to their age, students movers can be careless while moving. They may be experienced in moving their own possessions year to year, but this items are usually hand-me-downs or things that have no emotional attachment. Many families choose not to use student movers for this very reason. They believe a more mature individual will handle their most prized possessions responsibly.

  • Trust: Some people may have a difficult time trusting student movers, because they believe they will steal or mishandle expensive belongings. While others may see student movers as reckless, irresponsible and simply not reliable enough to hire.

  • Not local: Many customers prefer a professional moving company that lives locally, and student movers are from out of town and living temporarily in the area to attend school.

TIP: Make sure you perform a background check on a moving companies to ensure you are avoiding moving frauds and scams.

Student moving companies, like all moving companies, should be thoroughly researched before hiring. Regardless of the company, moving company policies should be followed at all times. Hiring student movers to help you relocate has its benefits, but at the end of the day, it is up to what you are the most comfortable with.

Ana M. Ferrer  Posted by Ana M. Ferrer on October 29, 2018

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