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The Pros and Cons of Moving For Your Job

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relocating for workThe decision to relocate for work can be a difficult one to make. Moving away has many positive and negative aspects, but a lucrative job offer is certainly a good reason to consider relocating.

If you feel stuck in a loop and are searching for professional growth, or if you want to break out of your comfort zone to try new things, take a leap of faith. Stop sitting on the sideline and make the big move for your career.

The following factors may help you make (or break) your choice.

Benefits of moving for a job

1. More money

If your potential place of employment is offering more money than what you are currently making, that is a big factor when determining if you should relocate. Is the salary worth as much as you think? Research the cost of living to see if the offer is as lucrative as it is on paper.

2. Room for advancement

If you're stuck in a job with little possibility of promotion, another job, and even relocating, is a good move. Alternatively, if you consider relocating for a transfer within your company, this is often a way to advance. Employers like ambition in candidates, and agreeing to uproot your life for your company and career displays your dedication.

3. Better job market

If the job market is lackluster in your current locale, relocating might increase your opportunities. Search for jobs in cities where your field is a booming industry to ensure you'll have plenty of potential career options.

4. RELO package

Whether you are transferring within your current company or taking a position for a new employer, companies recruiting workers from out of town will often offer a relocation package. RELO packages are monetary benefits to compensate you for moving and housing costs associated with your relocation for the job. Before agreeing to relocate for a job, be sure to inquire about a possible RELO package and what it will include.

Disadvantages of relocating for work

1. Leaving loved ones behind

The biggest reason people choose to stay put is family and friends. Loved ones provide us with comfort and security, and saying goodbye can be hard. If you have aging parents and relatives, putting miles between you can be troublesome. Moving affects everyone differently, and only you can decide if a job is reason enough to do it.

2. Uprooting your family

If you have a spouse and children that would be joining you on this move, it might prove difficult to get them on board. They have friends, family, jobs, school and lives of their own in your current city. Even if you convince your kids and partner to come along, they may be resentful and miserable in your new home, making everyday life stressful for everyone.

3. Adjusting to a new culture

Relocating to a different region often causes culture shock. Adjusting to new local cuisine, attitudes and lifestyles can be staggering -- even if you remain stateside. If you're relocating from the east coast to a landlocked Midwestern state, you may long for summer days at the beach. If you leave the rural deep south and head to the Big Apple, you may be taken aback by the fast-paced city life. Remember that new experiences build character and exposure to diversity will help you become a more well-rounded and open-minded individual, personally and professionally.

Moving for your job?

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