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Rent Moving Blankets and Other Equipment

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Finding moving equipment, such as moving blankets and different dollies might be a difficult task if you are just looking to rent, not to buy. Luckily, there are places you can rent these items, as well as purchase moving supplies. To learn more about renting moving equipment, check out this guide.

Rent Moving Blankets and Other Equipment

When moving you must have the right supplies. Having the right equipment always makes the job easier and safer, and this is no exception. Here are the tools you will need during your move:

  • Moving blankets- moving blankets are large, thick pieces of cloth that will protect your stuff from getting damaged during a move
    • Oftentimes you can get them for $10.00 for a dozen
  • Hand truck (utility dolly)- this is your standard dolly, this tool is great for moving boxes, heavier items (dressers, bookshelves, etc.)
  • Furniture dolly- 4-wheel dolly that you can place heavy items on, such as pianos, freezers, chests, refrigerators
    • Great for tighter areas
  • Appliance dolly- this dolly is good for moving heavy items, like refrigerators, washers and dryers, and stoves
    • Has a strap to secure the items

Other moving supplies you might need include:

  • moving boxes
  • packing tape
  • plastic wrap
  • mattress bags
  • packing paper
  • rope (or moving straps)

Where To Rent Moving Blankets and Other Moving Equipment

There are quite a few places to rent moving blankets and other moving supplies from. Here are our recommendations:


U-Haul is a great place to purchase moving boxes, rent a moving truck, as well as rent moving blankets and dollies. What is great about U-Haul is that you can rent these items on their own or, if you are renting a truck through them, you can also rent moving supplies with the moving truck.

Not only do they have different dollies and moving blanket, but they also have water pumps to move water beds and aquariums with ease. Here are their prices:

  • Hand truck
    • In town rental cost- $7.00
    • One-way rental cost- $10.00
  • Furniture dolly
    • In town rental cost- $7.00
    • One-way rental cost- $10.00
  • Appliance dolly
    • In town rental- $10.00
    • One-way rental- $12.00
  • Furniture pads (blankets)
    • Prices start at $5.00 per ½ dozen blankets
  • Waterbed pumps
    • Prices start at $7.95 a day

You can also purchase furniture sliders as well as quilted pads from U-Haul in case you move often or need those items as well.

Home Depot

Home Depot also offers moving equipment rentals to suit whatever needs you may have. Now, from what we can tell, it is possible to only purchase moving blankets, not to rent them.

We looked up "moving blankets" on their website and found that the prices ranged from $9.97 for a single blanket up to $143.84 for a large multi-pack. Again, it was unclear to us whether or not they had moving blankets for rent, but it might be something you can check your local Home Depot for.

They do, however, have other moving equipment items for rent. The items and prices are:

  • Hand truck
    • For 4 hours the price is $14.00
    • Price per day is $20.00
    • Price per week is $80.00 (3 days are free)
    • For 4 weeks the price is $240.00 (with 12 days free)
  • Appliance dolly
    • For 4 hours the price is $14.00
    • The price per day is $20.00
    • Per week the price is $80.00 (with 3 free days)
    • Per month the price is $240.00 (with 12 days free)
  • 4 wheel dolly
    • 4-hour cost is $7.00
    • Price per day is $10.00
    • Price per week is $40.00 (3 days free)
    • Per month the cost is $120.00 (with 12 days free)
  • Pallet jack
    • 4-hour cost is $28.00
    • Price per day is $40.00
    • Price per week is $160.00 (3 days free)
    • Per month cost is $480.00 (12 days free)
  • Loading ramp
    • 4-hour cost $14.00
    • Price per day is $20.00
    • Price per week is $80.00 (3 days free)
    • Per month cost is $240.00 (4 weeks free)

Home Depot also offers 3 different trailers, as well as a material lift that can lift steel or wood overhead for any builds you might have.


Like U-Haul, you can get moving supplies, moving equipment, as well as a rental moving truck from Penske. Penske's moving boxes are sturdy and are great to move with, and they also have packing supplies so you can keep your belongings safe as you move them.

They also have moving equipment that you can rent, including hand trucks, furniture pads, and trailers. Here is some of the moving equipment that Penske offers:

  • Hand trucks
    • Each dolly is equipped with a stair climber
      • Makes moving on the stairs easier
  • Furniture pads
    • Comes in a 12-pack
    • Penske estimates this:
      • A 12’ truck needs one pack
      • A 16’ truck needs one pack
      • A 22’ truck needs two to three packs
      • A 26’ truck needs three to four packs
  • Towing equipment
    • They offer car carriers and car dollies
    • The tow dolly is meant for front-wheel drive vehicles
      • Only the front wheels are on the trailer
    • The car carrier is for four-wheel drive, as well as all-wheel-drive vehicles
      • This trailer carries the entire car and protects the transmission from damage

One great thing about renting from Penske is that you have the option to rent these items as you are renting a truck through them. Penske makes sure you don't forget about these items by saying "don’t forget" and then listing the dollies and furniture pads. It’s quick and convenient and is something that anyone renting a truck through them is sure to appreciate.


Budget is a popular moving rental truck company and is another quality source for rental equipment. Budget rental trucks are great for those on a budget, and the moving equipment is no different.

They offer hand trucks, PlatePass, and furniture pads. Here is some more information about each:

  • Hand trucks
    • The hand trucks can move 6 to 7 boxes at a time
    • Each dolly is equipped with a stair climber feature
    • Each dolly also includes straps to hold down items
  • PlatePass
    • PlatePass allows Budget truck users to use electronic toll lanes
    • There is a $3.95 convenience fee (a day) and it costs up to $19.75
      • This does not include the days accrued
    • You will be charged on your credit or debit card once the rental is over
  • Furniture pads
    • The furniture blankets they offer are 3' x 5’
    • You can rent them in a pack of 12

Budget also offers car carriers and tow dollies to tow your vehicle. You can also get rental vehicles from Budget.

Unlike U-Haul, they don’t seem to have an option to purchase furniture blankets so if that was something you wanted to do, then Budget may not be an option for that.

Purchasing Furniture Pads and Other Moving Equipment

If you are more in the market to purchase moving equipment, instead of renting something, then you have options. Those options are:

Home Depot has lots of options for dollies, furniture pads, moving carts, and even moving straps. Their prices are very fair and you will be able to find just about anything that you will need.

Harbor Freight also has lots of options for hand trucks, furniture pads, moving carts, moving straps, and tools that you might need for your move. If you don't have a Harbor Freight near you, you can get their stuff delivered to your home. Their prices are great and it is a place that we highly recommend checking out.

Amazon has everything, and moving equipment is no exception. Amazon truly has every moving need you might need, including dollies, moving straps, furniture sliders, an "all-terrain" furniture dolly, moving carts, and furniture blankets.

Lowe’s also has all the moving equipment that you’ll need. Not only do they have sturdy moving boxes and kits for your move, but they also have hand trucks, furniture pads, moving straps, furniture dollies, and moving blankets. The prices are competitive and the reviews are great on their items.

Renting Vs. Purchasing

Should you rent these items, or purchase them? Ultimately, the answer lies with you. Do you move often, or do you move heavier items often? If so, then you might want to look into buying moving blankets and other moving equipment items.

However, if you aren’t someone who moves frequently, then renting these items is probably much more appropriate. You don’t want to waste your money is renting equipment if you keep doing that (when a one-time purchase could pay for itself). Likewise, a one-time rental might be perfect if you don’t move often.

Katherine Broome  Posted by Katherine Broome on November 12, 2020

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