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Top 5 Things to Do Before You Move

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The weeks leading up to a move can be extremely hectic. This chaotic time includes planning everything that needs to be done before moving day, handling your normal day-to-day responsibilities and finalizing the details of your new home purchase or signing the lease on a new apartment. During all of this confusion, it's very easy to forget something important.

things to do before you move

Here are the five most important things that you'll have to take care of prior to moving.

1. Transfer or close any bank accounts

Before you move, you'll need to get in contact with your bank and notify them of your change of address. If you have accounts with a major national bank that has branch locations throughout the country, you won't need to close your account.

If not, you'll need to close your account and withdraw your money to transfer it to a new account in a new bank. You wouldn't want to arrive at your new home on moving day and realize that you don't have access to your funds.

2. Transfer prescriptions and medical records

While it may take some time to find a new physician after your move, one thing that you should take care of right away is transferring prescriptions and medical records.

Through the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), every US citizen has the right to request a copy of his or her medical records.

  • If you haven't already found a provider in your new town, request the records directly, which may cost a small fee
  • If you have found a new provider, you may have them transferred directly to the physician free of charge

3. Empty your fridge before moving day

With everything going on in the days leading up to a move, it can be easy to forget something as mundane as emptying your refrigerator. As you prepare for moving day, slowly empty its contents.

You certainly don't have to eat everything in there, but make sure that it's all gone by the time you move. Otherwise, you're going to be in for a big surprise when you open your refrigerator in your new home and you're greeted by the unpleasant odor of spoiled food.

4. Unplug all appliances and transfer utility service

You should also unplug all major appliances before your move. If you're not sure how, the moving company might complete this task for you at an added fee.

Remember to also call up your cable, internet and other utility companies to close accounts or transfer service to your new address.

5. Dispose of any unwanted items

The more things you must move, the more your move will cost. If you have any furniture, appliances or clothes that you no longer need, it's much better to discard these items before your move. It will lighten your load substantially and save you money in the process.

  • Host a garage sale
  • Donate items to charity
  • Sell stuff on Craigslist or eBay
  • Give things away to anyone who wants them

Don't dispose of anything you'll need. For a successful move, a proper survival kit is necessary. Include a change of clothes, toiletries, any medications you'll need to take, any moving documents, proper identification, any valuables and cash for tipping the movers.

Having these items readily available will make the move a lot smoother. When you move into your new home, it will take more than a day to unpack. While you should unpack the essentials first, this kit will come in handy to help you survive the first night if you guys have a lot of stuff to unpack.

Robert Moreschi  Posted by Robert Moreschi on November 8, 2018

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