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Where To Get Moving Boxes

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Where to get moving boxes

Moving is a stressful process and knowing where to start can be difficult. After deciding where you're moving to is looking at what your moving box situation is. Do you have boxes? Chances are probably not. Which means you need to get them. We will point you in the right direction about where to get your moving boxes as you prepare to move.

The best places to get moving boxes:

  • Home Depot
  • Lowes
  • U-Haul
  • Amazon
  • Target
  • The UPS Store
  • U-Line

We will also look at the different kinds of moving boxes. Those types are:

  • Small box
  • Medium box
  • Large box
  • Dish-pack
  • Wardrobe box
  • Picture box
  • Mattress box

Different Types of Moving Boxes

Before we get into where to get moving boxes, it is important to note what kinds of boxes are out there.

Small Box

Small boxes are usually 12" x 12” x 16”. They are best used for books and heavier items because they are compact and small (sturdier). You can also use them for fragile items.

Medium Box

Medium boxes usually measure 18” x 18” x 16” or are about 3 cubic feet. They typically hold up to 65 pounds and are going to be your most versatile box. They can hold kitchen items, clothes, electronics, and even toys.

Large Box

Large boxes are usually 18” x 18” x 24” or are about 4.5 cubic feet. They can't hold as much weight as medium boxes, but they can hold bigger items. They are great for small rugs, appliances, blankets and bed sets, and clothing.


These boxes are awesome. Dish-packs have dividers in them so you can put your stemware, bowls, plates, and other kitchenware in them, so they stay safe and protected.

Wardrobe Box

Wardrobe boxes are large upright boxes with a bar across the top that holds clothing, so your clothes don’t get wrinkled during your move.

Picture Box

Picture boxes are great for just about anything on your wall. It protects mirrors, artwork, and picture frames from getting broken or damaged.

Mattress Box

Yes, there is such a thing as a mattress bag. However, those don’t always cut it during a move (as someone whose mattress bag ripped apart completely, trust me). Mattress boxes range in size from crib to California King and are meant for you to slide your mattress in to protect your mattress from dirt, insects, and even moisture.

Where to Get Moving Boxes

Moving Boxes from Home Depot

Home Depot moving boxes

Home Depot offers a lot, as in 133 results worth of moving boxes on their website, not including going into their moving box collection or their accessories or anything of that sort. One box that they sell that seems considerably protective is their heavy-duty adjustable TV moving box with handles. Sure, other places sell those, but Home Depot's seems well padded and protective for what is sometimes the most expensive electronics in our home.

Why we like Home Depot’s moving boxes:

  • They have a lot of options to choose from
  • You can get them in-store and online
  • Home Depot also offers you their own moving guide so that you know you have all the moving essentials you need
  • You might be shopping there anyways in preparation for your move

Moving Boxes from Lowe's

Lowe's moving boxes

If you thought that Home Depot had a lot of options, well Lowe’s blows them out of the water. If you were to go to their website and search moving boxes, you would get 1,628 moving boxes, not including their moving accessories (such as packaging supplies, moving blankets, straps, tie-downs, etc.). While I have read elsewhere that you cannot pick up the boxes in Lowe’s, I typed in my local store’s address on their website and it gave me the option to get them in-store, and even told me they had almost 900 medium boxes available. I checked a store in Houston and sure enough, they had almost 2,000 medium boxes available in store.

Here’s why we like Lowe’s for moving boxes:

  • They have a large array of boxes to choose from
  • They have a guide you can follow for how many moving boxes you might need
  • They also have a lot of accessories you can get to help you in your moving process

Moving Boxes from U-Haul

U-Haul moving boxes

U-Haul has cool kits available that provide boxes, cushioning of some sort (foam, bubble wrap, packing paper, etc.), TV covers, a knife with markers, packing tape, and a mattress bag. These kits are customizable, so if you have multiple beds you are moving you can order more mattress bags, or more TV covers, whatever you need you can get it. They even give you the "right amount" of boxes you would need according to your move (assuming you have an appropriate number of things in your home). They also, of course, sell individual boxes on their own.

Why we like U-Haul moving boxes:

  • Their kits are cool and make buying boxes easy and efficient
  • If you rent a truck through U-Haul getting your boxes through them makes it super convenient
  • Picking up boxes in-store are cheaper than buying online (depending on the box)
  • The boxes themselves are of high quality and can withstand quite a bit

Moving Boxes from Amazon

Amazon moving boxes

Amazon has a massive range of boxes on their website and getting them couldn't be easier. Amazon has over 5,000 results that come up when you search for "moving boxes" so you should have plenty of options to choose from. One thing to think about with these boxes; you cannot buy just 1 or 2. They appear to be sold by the pack. So, if you need a box or 2, this probably is not the place to go for you.
Now, what is pretty nifty about getting your boxes from Amazon is that you can actually look at all the customer reviews of the boxes. That way you can see if they’re garbage or if they’re sturdy.

Why we like Amazon moving boxes:

  • If you are a Prime member then you can order the boxes and get them within a couple of days
  • Shopping online is super convenient, and there’s a good chance that’ll you will already be on Amazon shopping already

Moving Boxes from Target

Target moving boxes

So, does Target carry moving boxes? Sort of. They have a bunch of mailing boxes, as well as different size Banker Boxes. Could you use those to move? Yes. Should you? Up to you. Ultimately, moving can be a tough process, especially if you're moving to another state. With that in mind, you are going to want something that can stand up to the vigor of moving that will keep your stuff safe. We aren’t saying that these target boxes won’t keep your stuff safe, but there are also other options out there as well.

Bonus: Moving Boxes from The UPS Store

The UPS Store moving boxes

While The UPS Store may not have come to your mind when you thought "where can I get moving boxes?", they have a lot of moving solutions for you. While you will have to go to your local UPS Store, you can buy moving boxes and custom moving boxes, and you can even get their help to set up professional movers to help in your move.

Why we like The UPS Store's moving boxes:

  • They offer a lot of services
  • You can also get custom made boxes for your awkward-shaped items

Bonus: Moving boxes from Uline and Costco

Uline moving boxes

Uline has quite a selection of boxes, including heavy-duty moving boxes. Their boxes can be single wall boxes, capable of holding up to 275 lbs., or double-wall boxes, capable of holding up to 500 lbs. These boxes can be used to ship heavy items, or they can be used for your move. Uline also has moving kits, and all sorts of dedicated moving boxes (although we aren't sure if they can hold up to 500 pounds). They also have boxes for wines, bikes, refrigerated items, and they even have hazmat boxes to ship stinky socks.

Why we like Uline:

  • They have a lot of boxes to choose from
  • You can get boxes for just about any item you have
  • You can shop their boxes by size, style, and even color


If you have a Costco membership, then you can get boxes while you shop there. Some Costco's will even allow you to call ahead, and they will pull boxes for your move. These boxes are from their products, so don’t expect any heavy-duty moving boxes.

Why we like Costco:

  • If you have a membership you can get them free
  • They will be random boxes, but they are very useful

Tips for Moving

Now that you know about the different places to get boxes, we figured it was important to go over a few moving tips for those boxes. These tips are designed to save your boxes from breaking or ripping:

  • Do not overpack your boxes
    • Make sure you keep their weight down so you don't injure yourself or break your box
  • If you have empty space in your box, fill it with paper or cushioning of some sort
  • Label your boxes so you can take them right into their respective area
  • Before you start packing, declutter your home
    • Throw out (or give to charity, or sell) what you don’t need or don’t use
    • You can even get measurements of your new home to make sure your furniture will fit as well
  • Don’t mix items from different rooms in the same box
  • Try to pack your electronics in their original boxes if possible
    • Moving a flat-screen TV is difficult since they are fragile, moving them in their original box is the best way to keep them safe and makes it the easiest to transport

Where Should You Get Your Boxes?

All of the above are great choices. They are sturdy and most of them have quality boxes. I have personally used U-Haul Boxes and those held up to a cross-country move fantastically. Home Depot is also very highly rated, so you can’t go wrong with them.

You can also look into How to Find Free Moving Boxes, but please keep in mind there is a pandemic going on, so be safe about doing that. Some cheaper options for moving boxes would include going to liquor stores and buying or asking for their extra boxes or asking your work for boxes or totes that they use. I used to work at an auto parts store and used some totes to move and they worked well for us.


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