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Campus life may seem forbidding at first. There is such a confluence of different subcultures and people from different walks of life that it may seem hard to find your place. But, never fear: campus life has something to offer almost anyone. You just might have to seek it out.

Hang Out Spots

If you are the kind of person who likes to lounge around and talk, there ought to be plenty of opportunities to do just that on your campus. The dining hall is usually a prime place to sit and talk with people. If you are looking to meet new people, it's also a place where you can invite someone to sit with you whom you don't know or have only met briefly. The school might also have a coffee shop with comfortable chairs, a section in the student center for people to sit and eat, and, of course, places outside for when the weather is nice.


These you hear about all the time. College parties are stigmatized and stereotyped, and not always with bad reason. However, it probably won't be like it is in the movies. One thing to keep in mind is that if the party is in a dorm, the policies of that building need to be followed. You could get in trouble with the campus police just for being in attendance, so make sure you know what is or is not legitimate about the gatherings you go to.


Athletic events usually have a pretty high turnout at colleges, even if your team isn't very good. The sense of community is really strong at these events, since everyone is together, rooting for the same thing. They also have the added bonus of being pretty frequent occurrences throughout the year. You are likely to meet a lot of people and have a lot of fun at the games, even if you aren't into sports very much.

There are also going to be a slew of other events put on by different clubs and groups on campus. Expect movie nights, theatrical performances, art shows, poetry readings, open gym events, concerts, and more. There really are events for just about every taste.

Where to Study

Any of the aforementioned "hang out" spots might be conducive for you to study. Depending on the level of background noise you like, you can get everything from lots of chatter to total silence. You'll see people studying in the student center, the cafe, the dining hall, and, of course, the library. That building may even have private study rooms that you can try and grab for you and a group of friends/classmates.

During midterms and finals, you'll see the culture and tone of campus life change a little bit. Things will get a lot quieter as students bear down and get their noses into the books. The library will probably be open later and a lot busier than it is during the rest of the semester. You'll be less able to walk into strangers' open dorm rooms.

Campus life is full of possibilities to meet new people and try new things. You may even find that your tastes run differently than you thought they did after attending a riveting poetry reading or exciting basketball game. The important thing is to enjoy yourself and get the most you can out of your time at school.

Patrick Hanan  Posted by Patrick Hanan on June 29, 2010

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