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How can I move my heavy couch by myself?

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Asked by Leonard

January 5, 2021 under Others

Hiring movers can get costly. Read more to learn how to move a heavy couch by yourself.

Answered by Staff Writer

January 28, 2022

moving couch by yourselfA DIY move seems a great idea until you have to lift heavy items. Though it's good to have a helping hand with your move it’s not always enough to handle a move. Your friends might fall sick or get busy and now you need to decide how you will move heavy furniture from your old house to your new house. This will include the need to move a sofa all by yourself.

Moving a couch by yourself isn’t an impossible job, so accept the challenge and start to work. Read ahead to explore DIY moving tips for your valuable couch.

List of equipment for moving sofa by yourself

  • Moving blankets- You can consider using a moving blanket to cover your sofa and protect it from dust or damage during a move.
  • Shrink wraps- You should apply plastic wrap on cushions and sofa frames. This will keep them integrated and at the same time prevent them from any damage.
  • Packing Tape- To make use of durable tape is a good idea if you are experiencing trouble in putting a moving blanket or plastic stretch wrap in place.
  • Flat furniture dolly or furniture slider- We recommend you either borrow it from your neighbors or rent from a hardware store.
  • Furniture straps- If you are seeking additional assistance, you can consider arranging for moving straps and promoting efficient lifting as well as moving techniques. If you use a moving strap to move a couch, you can save yourself from getting injured.
  • Rope- You may need a rope to secure the cushions as well as the sofa on the cargo van while you are moving house. Otherwise, the items may fall like the moving truck plies on the road.

Apart from the items mentioned above, you should seek help from friends or family members who can help you move the sofa to your new house.

How to disassemble the sofa for moving?

We recommend the right technique to break down the various parts of a couch as much as possible and help you to relocate efficiently.

  • Detach both legs as well as cushions of a couch and even remove all its parts if your sofa is sectional.
  • Make sure not to forcibly remove a part of the sofa when it’s not meant to be detached. For instance, if there isn’t any way to unscrew the legs of your sofa from its base you should leave it as it is.
  • While disassembling a couch you should keep a bag handy where you must keep any screws, nails, or other small components you remove from the sofa. Ensure to keep a record of the place where you are keeping these tiny components so that it would be easy to find them.

Tips of loading couch into the moving truck

A moving truck mostly comes with a portable ramp so confirm it while you are booking one to move your couch. You can use the ramp to wheel your sofa onto the cargo van by either using a flat furniture dolly or furniture sliders.

In case the moving truck you have reserved doesn’t have a ramp, you will need to wheel the sofa onto the moving truck. But if the couch is not already aligned vertically you should move it in a way such that it stands up on its side. Finally, you need to elevate it from the base and sway it onto the truck.

Best ways of wrapping sofa for moving

  • You should wrap the pillows and cushions in a plastic stretch wrap, or you can even roll them into a huge garbage bag.
  • Consider wrapping the sofa separately or putting them in the same bag where you have kept the cushions.
  • If you are worried about the damage to the base of your sofa you must first wrap the whole couch with plastic wrap and then put a moving blanket on it. Alternatively, you can just use a moving blanket to cover your sofa.
  • To offer extra protection to the armrest or other sharp areas, make sure you put cardboard across it and secure it with a stretch wrap or packing tape.


Though moving the couch by yourself is not a big deal yet you might need to exercise enough caution while doing it. If you need to move a sofa up and down the stairs you may need to seek moving assistance as it’s not possible to do it on your own.

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