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How do I prepare my couch for moving?

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Asked by Marge

January 27, 2021 under Others

We will learn few important ways that will help you prepare your couch for a move.

Answered by Staff Writer

December 1, 2021

wrap the couchThe best idea is to hire professional movers, if you want to pack and move your sofa safely. Proper packing will protect your couch from damage and ship it securely to your new home. This guide will be helpful if you want to prepare your love seat for the move by yourself.

List of Packing Materials for Moving a Couch

  • You need to arrange for a few packing supplies, if you are planning to ship a couch, without any professional assistance. Let us explore below and arrange for the right supplies, as you might want your day bed to reach safely in your new location.
  • You may arrange for plastic wrap as you need to pack the frame and cushions of your sofa. Once you learn how to pack couch cushions for moving, you can prevent them from getting damaged.
  • Consider buying moving blankets as this might prevent dirt from entering it or any other sort of damage.
  • Do not forget to arrange for packing tapes, as you might need them to wrap your couch. Also, ensure to use durable tapes along with plastic stretchable wrap as well as moving blankets.
  • You may need a furniture slider if you want to easily move a couch or any other type of heavy furniture.
  • A furniture dolly can be great equipment for moving a couch or any other heavy furniture. Simply, you will have to lift the couch and put it on the side of your dolly. With a dolly, you can roll your couch across your house. By doing so, you may save yourself from back pain due to heavy lifting.
  • Arrange for a rope, as you might need it to tie your cushions and couch. In this way, it will stay fixed and will not stir, while your cargo van moves.
  • If you have a furniture moving strap, you can lift your furniture easily, without worrying about hurting yourself.

Best Way to Wrap a Couch for Moving

Let us now learn how to prepare a couch for moving through the following points:

  • It seems an innovative idea to start wrapping your couch from the top and gradually move downwards. You can begin from the edge of the wrap, which will be a third of the kind on the back cushion of your couch.
  • You need to get the roll towards the backside of your sofa. Consider winding it about its back and then bringing it forward.
  • As you reach towards the edge of your couch, consider pulling the package at about its corners. It will tighten it as much as it can.
  • If you have not yet reached the first armrest, bring the wrap towards the edge of the armrest. Drag your wrap as well as the couch's arm tight. Ensure to wrap the cushion to the second armrest.
  • After packing the cushions, you may get the wrap towards the back of your sofa and encase over the open top of your back cushions.
  • Finally, you might have to wrap over the circumference of your couch, once or even twice. Also, you may get the wrap around the edge, create a hole, and force the end of the wrapper flat over the sofa.

Let us explore a few ways that might help you to disassemble your couch.

  • First, you may have to detach the cushions, decors, or blankets and wrap each of them separately.
  • Second, remove the arms and legs of your sofa if you find it necessary for a safe move. Mostly, this is important for an antique couch. You may remove the big sections of your sofa.
  • Third, you may consider fitting the arms, legs, or other hardware parts in plastic bags. Also, you may consider labeling them as moving boxes.
  • Last, if you have leather furniture to pack, make use of a moving blanket or paper padding. Ensure using packing tape or plastic wrap, as you might want to keep your sofa safe.

Couch Cover for Moving

Moving can be stressful. You can even damage your daybed as you prepare for the move because you are tired. Consider buying a cover as this will protect the sofa from dust, dirt, and other kinds of damage. You may prevent stains and scratches, while you load and unload your daybed into the cargo van, if you are using a couch cover.

It is advisable, taking the help of friends and family members, as you pack your couch and prepare it for the move.

We recommend getting a friend or relative for help as this might make your move smoother.

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