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I have a Large Mirror that I would like to have packed up & shipped from New Smyrna Fl. to Gaithersburg Md 20878

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Asked by Peggy

February 11, 2013 under Moving Companies

Large Mirror 4 x 5 to have packed & shipped

Answered by Robert Moreschi

February 12, 2013

Packing mirrors and pictures correctly is one of the most difficult parts of the packing process, but it doesn't have to be an impossible task though. The first step is to lay the mirror or picture face down on a few sheets of packing paper. Wrap the mirror or picture tightly in the paper, as you would wrap a gift.

If the picture or mirror is very delicate, you can place a layer of bubble wrap around it for extra cushioning. Next, you will take a mirror box and place it inside, making sure that all of the edges are securely inside of the box. Press around the edges to secure it as tightly as possible, and then apply a few layers of tape for extra protection.

If you feel that the mirror or picture will move within the box, you can layer the inside with some extra packing paper as a cushion that should keep the item secure and prevent it from being jostled around during the move.

When loading and unloading the items from the moving truck, make sure to use extreme caution in where you place the mirror box. Also, make sure to label it clearly on the outside of the box with a black marker so the movers are aware of the fragile item contained inside.

For more information about how to safely pack difficult items like mirrors and pictures, as well as advice on how to pack just about anything else in your home, visit our moving guides page to read guides on all different moving topics.

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