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I need help packaging 30 paintings for delivery to Germany, I dont know how to package the paintings. Can you help me with this?

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Asked by Michelle

July 31, 2013 under International Moving

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Answered by Jenna Farmer

August 1, 2013

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We understand that packing for a move, especially an international one, can be stressful. If you haven't already planned the logistics of your international move, take a look at some of our informative guides on international moves and international moving mistakes for some helpful tips you should know. 

Whether you're moving to another country, or just simply packing these paintings up to ship to another person, the approach remains the same. First, you should always have your artwork appraised and insured prior to shipping so you know exactly how much each piece is worth. 

As far as packing goes, if you aren't confident in packing the artwork yourself, it is always best to discuss this with a professional. You could compare quotes on special movers in your area, who specialize in moving heavy, fragile, antique and out-of-the-ordinary items. Comparing moving labor services is another viable option as well. 

If you definitely want to pack the artwork yourself, you will most likely need masking tape, corner protectors, bubble wrap, unprinted news wrap and cardboard picture boxes. For more step-by-step details on the process, feel free to visit our how to pack and ship artwork guide.

Good luck with your shipment! 

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