Can you explain what an IM number is?
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IM Number

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Asked by Amy

December 22, 2016 under Others

What is an IM number? Cant find it anywhere. Need answer ASAP.

Answered by Kelly Martini

December 23, 2016

Hi, and thank you for visiting!

Licensed and insured
In certain states, the IM (intrastate mover) number verifies the company is licensed and insured. Moving companies display this number on the side of their trucks and on all printed materials. Read our guide on state moving requirements to check your specific area's rules and regulations.

Getting a quote
Our network is full of licensed and insured professionals. To find a moving company suited to your needs, simply fill out our simple quote form. In minutes, you will receive estimates from different moving companies.

Thank you for contacting, and I wish you the best of luck in future moving endeavors!

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