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Moves from New York to Iowa...using an Iowa moving company...possible?

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Asked by Rick

October 14, 2015 under Others

My wife and I are moving from Brooklyn, New York to Redfield, Iowa in the middle of January of 2016. Is there a way to find out about Iowa moving companies traveling to New York that would pickup to move us back to Iowa?

Answered by Ana M. Ferrer

October 15, 2015
Good morning, thanks for visiting for information about your move to Iowa.

Long distance movers
You're going to need to hire a long distance mover to transport your items from New York to Iowa, but it's entirely up to you whether you hire a moving company from Iowa or New York. Your best bet would be to compare pricing and services from companies in both states and decide which you prefer. There may be larger long distance companies that have branches in both states that could assist you with your move with ease.

Visit our long distance movers page and fill out the easy quote form to be connected with long distance movers in Iowa and movers in New York.
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