move estimate for moving 350lb 2story play house 40miles
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Move estimate for moving 350lb 2story play house 40miles

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Asked by Launa

March 22, 2017 under Others

To move 2 story 350lb play house approx 40 miles. Play house does not come apqrt

Answered by Amy Meerovich

March 22, 2017
Hello, thank you for taking the time to contact with your questions about moving your playhouse.

Move a playhouse
To move a playhouse or a swingset, we always suggest dismantling it, keeping the pieces organized for safe keeping, prior to being moved. However, if you would like to move the playhouse in tact, we suggest either a small mover or a special mover to take care of it for you.

Small moves
Small movers specialize in moves with a total weight of less than 2,000 pounds, so depending on the weight of your playhouse, a small mover may be an option for you. Visit our small moves page and fill out the quick and easy quote form to find moving companies in Houston that can help you. 

Special movers
Special movers are often tasked with moving larger items that people may not be sure how to handle such as antiques, artwork or even storage structures. In your case they can probably handle moving a playhouse for you. Head over to our special movers page to begin your search for a special moving company in your area.

Thanks again for visiting, we wish you the best of luck with your move. 
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