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How to Pack and Move an Outdoor Playset

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Moving with kids can be a big challenge. But an even bigger challenge might be moving your kids' wooden backyard playset. It may seem like more trouble than it's worth to pack and move, but rather than throwing your hands up in defeat and leaving it behind, use the packing steps below to safely move your outdoor playset so your kids can keep using it to have fun and get exercise in your new home.

Move an Outdoor Play Set


Before packing and moving an outdoor playset, you're going to have to take it apart. This can be more complicated than it seems, so try to get some help from friends. Better yet, you can hire professional movers who specialize in moving miscellaneous items.

Here's the procedure you need to follow to disassemble an outdoor playset.

  • Mark all the connecting joints - Use a pen or pencil to mark all the connecting joints that you have to take apart. You can also use tags or labels to facilitate reassembly.
  • Take photos or videos - Take some photos of the playset before you begin to take it apart. You can refer to these pictures when you're reassembling the playset at your new home.
  • Loosen seized bolts and nuts - Spray the bolts and nuts with a spray corrosion solvent (such as WD-40) and let it sit for approximately 60 minutes. This helps to loosen stuck bolts and nuts.
  • Unscrew each item slowly - Remove any swings and gliders from their hinges on the main crossbeam. Detach slides, monkey bars, ladders, and crossbars by unscrewing them.

Packing each piece separately

Before packing your kids' wooden playset, obtain the necessary packing materials like plastic bags or bins, measuring tape, pen or pencil, moving boxes, and plywood for packing and moving your kid's playset.

  • Packing a swing set - Wrap the swings separately and store them in a moving box or plastic bin to keep their chains from tangling. Store the other parts in a large box or bin.
  • Packing the swing crossbeam - Remove the bolts that connect the crossbeam to the fort or clubhouse and disconnect the crossbeam from the a-frame and pack separately. Place all the loose nuts and bolts inside a marked bag to keep things better organized for reassembly.

Load onto the truck for moving

Once you have packed each part of the playset separately you can start loading them onto the truck:

  • Using a measuring tape, measure the height and width of the fort to determine if it will fit on the moving trailer, or if you will need to disassemble it further. If it is too large or too heavy, the roof can usually be removed to reduce the size and weight of the fort. This way it will be easier to carry and be more space-efficient inside the truck.
  • Lay a sheet of plywood on the ground and place the fort on top of it on its side. Carry the fort with three other people with one person on each corner. It may be best to hire some professionals to help you carry the fort. Load it carefully onto the back of your moving truck. Once the fort is in place, you can load the boxes containing the additional pieces on to the truck.

Reverse the above steps to reassemble the playset at your new home.

Additional tips for moving an outdoor playset

  • If the playset's base is set into concrete, you will have to remove the posts by digging them out with a jackhammer or sledgehammer.
  • In the winter, removing the playset from the ground may be difficult because the ground can become hard and frozen. Warm weather offers better conditions for moving a playset.
  • Before installing the swing set in your backyard, be sure to check your town's zoning laws. Many municipalities have regulations regarding the minimum size your property must meet before you are permitted to erect a playset in your backyard. There is also often a required minimum distance that must remain between your playset and your neighbor's property for safety, noise, privacy, and aesthetic reasons.

Or leave it to the professionals

Many moving companies offer packing and unpacking services for moving. If you are considering taking your outdoor playset with you, contact to connect with professional moving companies that specialize in packing and moving miscellaneous items. Fill out our form to get free quotes on our services.

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