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Packing Guides and Tips

Pack your belongings with ease. The right packing strategy is the key to saving you time, money, and energy before your move.

  • Packing Electronic Items

    Electronics are the most fragile – and expensive – items you’ll be moving into your new home. From TVs to computers, learn how to pack these items so they’ll arrive at your home in one piece.

  • Packing Household Items

    When you’re moving your entire household, it can get overwhelming. Know which of your belongings should be packed first, together, or not at all, to keep them safe and organized during a move.

  • Packing Kitchen Items

    Pack up your pots, pans, plates, and other kitchen items for your move in such a way that will keep them organized and protected from damage when they travel to your new home.

  • Packing Miscellaneous Items

    Some belongings don’t belong in a specific room, or are forgot about until the last minute. If you don’t dispose of miscellaneous items before a move, there are easy and resourceful ways to pack them.

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