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Size of Move

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Asked by Harry

July 2, 2016 under Others

4-BR home but only packing 2-BRs and furniture from den and sunroom and electronics, glassware, dishes, paintings. Which size of residence do we fall under?

Answered by Nicole La Capria

July 5, 2016

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There is no one standard sizing system for moves--the contents of every home varies. For example, some four-bedroom homes have less furniture than other smaller homes, meaning their moves would be similar in price, even though one home is larger than the other. Since your home is less furnished, it may fall on the lower end of the four-bedroom home spectrum. Regardless, you will need a surveyor from a moving company to visit your home and assess your belongings to get an accurate estimate. The weight of your shipment and/or the time it takes to load and ship your goods is what determines your cost--not the size of your home.

To get started comparing quotes from reliable movers near you, simply fill out our fast and easy quote form! You can still select the four-bedroom move size option in our quote form--when you receive your in-house estimate, the representative from the moving company will base your quote on what you are moving, not the size of your home.

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