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What Christian International Moving Companies will move door-to-door personal belongings from Franklin, NC, USA, to DenPasar, Bali, Indonesia?

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Asked by Herman

April 23, 2015 under International Moving

Were looking for a Christian international moving company that will ship our personal belongings from our door in Franklin, NC, USA, to our door in DenPasar, Bali, Indonesia--possibly in September, 2015.

Answered by Ana M. Ferrer

April 24, 2015
Hello and thanks for visiting Movers.com for help with your international move to Bali, Indonesia. 

International Moving
Have you visited our international moving page? From there you can fill out the quick and easy quote form and you'll be connected with local moving companies that can handle international moves.

Tips for Finding a Moving Company
  • Be sure to get at least three estimates from three different companies prior to hiring and make sure they perform an in-house estimate. 
  • Do a thorough background check on any company you're considering to hire, read reviews from multiple websites including the BBB and ask the company for references.
  • Be sure to ask them as many questions as you need during the initial in-home estimate, check reviews and do your own background check. 
Thanks for visiting Movers.com, good luck with your move to Bali! 

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