What does the furniture in a one bedroom house or apartment weigh?
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What is the average weight of a one (1) bedroom apartment/house?

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Asked by Howie

September 17, 2018 under Others

I am trying to estimate the costs for my upcoming move. What does one bedroom house or apartment usually weigh?

Answered by Kelly Martini

September 18, 2018
The weight of your one bedroom house depends on the amount and weight of the furniture you have. As a rough estimate, the average weight of a one bedroom house is about 3,000 pounds.

What is the average weight for a one bedroom house?

When calculating the weight of your move, estimate that every full sized room has 1,000 pounds worth of belongings inside.

For a one bedroom house or apartment, you would be calculating the weight for the bedroom, the kitchen/dining area, and the living room. Each room's weight will account for all the furniture and everything inside your closets. This will give you a high estimate for each room which will take into account the smaller living spaces like a bathroom or coat closet.

3 rooms x 1,000 per room = 3,000 pounds to move

Do you know the cubic footage of your belongings?

In addition to the weight of your belongings, you should also determine the cubic footage, or volume, of your possessions. The size of your trailer depends on the amount of space your belongings take up, so your movers will need to know this information as well.

Use these guides to calculate a more accurate estimate:

To calculate the volume of your furniture, you should use a tape measure to take measurements. Multiple the length by the width and height, then divide by 1,728.

Do you have any specialty items to move?

Unique items like pianos and artwork might require special treatment when moving. Artwork, although probably not as heavy as a bed, will cost more to move because of its delicate nature. It is best to let the moving company know if you have large items outside the realm of run of the mill furniture.
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