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Who is the most trusting, reputable moving company, with no hassle or hidden fees, with insurance, that moves log distance? Couple company name please

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Asked by Kim

September 7, 2016 under Others

Moving companies

Answered by Amy Meerovich

September 8, 2016

Hello, thank you for contacting Movers.com with your question about trusted long distance movers.

Any licensed and accredited moving company will have insurance, but they all have different policies regarding estimates and pricing. It is important to thoroughly research and compare a few moving companies before you hire one.

Long distance movers
We can put you in contact with several long distance moving companies in your area. Just fill out our online quote form with the details of your move. The companies will all provide estimates and be able to confirm their insurance policies. 

After you have a few options to choose from, do extensive research into each company to determine their reputation and reliability.

  • Do a background check. Check with the Better Business Bureau, the US Department of Transportation and check their references. Check for any outstanding complaints against the company.
  • Read reviews. Other customers are the most reliable when it comes to finding out information about a mover. Check the company's website, Yelp or Movers.com to see what previous customers had to say. Check out our guide to learn how to spot a fake moving review.
  • Get an in-home estimate. Especially for a long distance move, it is important to get an in-home estimate. It is hard for movers to determine the weight, size, and cost of your move over the phone which can lead to a significant increase when they actually transport your belongings.

Thank you again for your question and good luck with your move.

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