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Will movers move my ammunition?

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Asked by Maggie

December 29, 2020 under Others

How can I move my ammo?

Answered by Katherine Broome

February 7, 2022

Like quite a few red-blooded Americans, you might own a firearm or two with some rounds of ammunition. If you're moving, you might be wondering about movers moving your ammo and your firearms. To learn more, read on.

Firearm with ammunition

Will Movers Move Ammunition?

Unfortunately, no, movers will not move ammunition. This is because ammo is classified as "volatile", just like gasoline, paints, kerosene, etc. Theoretically, if the ammo gets hot enough it could cause a fire or explosion. That is a massive safety concern for the moving company, so they will not move it.

We recommend contacting your movers to see what their firearm and ammunition policy is. You might have a moving company that allows you to move your firearms and possibly ammo as well. It is all dependent on the company.

That isn’t to say that movers won’t move firearms, however.

How to Move Ammo

Since movers will not move ammo, you will have to move it yourself.

It is best to transport ammo in the boxes it comes in. We recommend that you pack them in a secure box; one that has been taped up securely and strongly. Ammo can get heavy (especially if you have quite a few boxes). Pad your box with bubble wrap or packing paper and place your ammunition inside. You can also add more padding on top to help secure your ammo from moving around too much.

Note: Do not transport ammo and your gun in the same case (unless you have a permit to do so, such as a concealed carry permit).

If you are using your vehicle to transport it, just keep in it your trunk or back of your vehicle. If you are using a moving truck, load your ammo into the truck. Make sure it is properly labeled so you are aware of what the contents are.

Moving Firearms

Moving your firearms is actually not that difficult. Most movers will transport firearms for you as:

  1. Your firearm is unloaded with safety on
  2. It is in a case
  3. Your cased firearm is stored in a trunk or storage device

Write down the serial number, make, and model of each of the guns you are transporting. Before handing your weapons over to the movers, make sure not all the cases are locked, but the storage device you are using for them is locked as well.

If you are moving your firearms with you, keep them in a case (hard or soft is fine). Do not keep them loaded as this could be illegal depending on where you are driving through.

Overall, moving firearms and ammo doesn’t have to be an ordeal. Ammo does need to stay with you, but your guns can go with your movers (if you feel comfortable with that).

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