Should you feed movers or not?
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Should you feed movers?

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Asked by Judith

December 22, 2020 under Others

To know whether it’s right to feed movers, read on.

Answered by Staff Writer

February 7, 2022

feeding movers Moving seems like a straightforward process where you just need to fix the moving date and then ascertain when you would be allowed to move to your new house. You can't just pack your belongings, hire a moving company, and move to your new destination but there are other aspects to it as well.

Unfortunately, many people stress themselves with numerous minute details that they shouldn’t even be bothered about. For instance, you may think about whether you should feed movers or not, and if that is the case, you are not the only one to think like that. Today, we will dig deep into this question and find an appropriate answer for you.

Do you feed movers?

Regardless of the question you have, the best idea is to confirm it with the movers themselves. Though there is no fixed rule whether you should feed movers or not, there are many moving companies who will not encourage their employees to accept food and beverage from their customers.

Before you plan a meal for the movers, consider asking the same from the moving company you have hired. Once you get permission, make sure to ask your professional movers what they can eat, otherwise, you might end up giving them something about which they are allergic. Also, if you would like to serve them with a drink, you should avoid giving them alcohol.

Should you offer food to the movers during a longer mover?

It’s a good idea to provide food for the movers during a longer move. The time you would take to move to your new house will help you decide whether you need to serve food to the movers or not. For example, if it takes over three to four hours to complete your move, you should arrange food for the movers as they might get hungry while moving your boxes.

Also, if your move takes a long day, you even ask the movers to join you for lunch while you sit down to have it.

Snacks and Drinks for the Movers

  • Offering lunch to the movers doesn’t mean that you have to rush to the kitchen and make something delicious for them. Instead, you could offer them a pizza or a sandwich, which would be cheap and easy to manage in the rush hours.
  • Movers would love to have cold drinks like Lemonade, Gatorade, or other nonalcoholic drinks amidst the challenging work they will do for you. Also, you can offer them a cup of tea or coffee before they start their work as they would keep them energized.
  • Sports drinks are a good choice to give the movers as this would keep them energized as they perform all the physical labor.
  • Though the movers will bring bottles of water to keep themselves hydrated, you can keep a jug of water or juice with a few glasses so that they feed themselves whenever they feel thirsty.

Benefits of feeding the movers

  • Positive reinforcement- If you eat your lunch with the movers or provide them with lunch, the movers will have a feeling that you are valuing their demanding work. This will make the movers happy, and they will work harder than they did before.
  • Reduce time- If you don’t offer a meal to the movers, mostly they will excuse themselves to go to a nearby restaurant or café to take their lunch or snacks. This will consume more time, so it seems a better idea to provide them with food and drinks.


Though this was a simple question, you must have always been curious to learn about it. Now that you have your answer, be sure not to assume anything but to confirm with the movers if they would accept food from you or not. Of course, it’s not human to keep quiet and fill your stomach when these laborers are working hard in front of you.

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