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How do I prepare a full-service mover?

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Asked by Mackey

December 26, 2020 under Others

Here we will throw light on few ways, in which you can prepare yourself for a full-service mover.

Answered by Staff Writer

December 10, 2021

full service moversIt is not an easy job to pack and move cross-country. You need to start preparing for the move weeks before and eventually get tired on the moving day. It is a good idea to hire full-service movers, who will help you in the move and make sure that you don't forget anything.

Who are full-service movers?

Professional full-service cross-country movers will help you in every aspect of your move. Simply keep yourself prepared before the movers arrive and are available for the movers, in case they need any assistance.

The services offered by a full-service mover will be worth the price you might pay for it.

Top 7 tasks performed by full-service long-distance movers

  1. Provide all packing supplies and resources- If you hire a professional moving service, you won’t waste time in arranging for the packing supplies. Also, the full-service movers will supply plastic wrap, moving boxes, paper, and packing tape.
  2. Pack your possessions- You will need to invest a lot of time if you plan to pack and move by yourself. Alternatively, if you hire a full-service moving company, they can pack your whole house in a short time.
  3. Movers disassemble your furniture- Packers and movers oversee both full and partial furniture disassembly. Also, they can assemble your furniture at the time when it is needed. Some movers will charge extra for this.
  4. Load and unload items- If you hire a full-service cross-country mover, they will safely load and unload your belongings to and from the moving truck, which can even include heavy appliances.
  5.  Shipping your possessions- Regardless of the type of move you are making, such as local or long-distance moves, professional movers can handle every aspect of it. You will be given a delivery date, so you will need to be prepared to accept your belongings.
  6. Unpack your items- A full-service mover will unpack all your items and put them in the right place. You need to give them proper directions and ensure that all items are kept at their proper place.
  7. Disposal of packing supplies- After you move, you will be left with plenty of cardboard boxes that can be recycled. Full-service movers will dispose of all the moving boxes that you have left behind and clear the mess of your house.

How do I prepare a full-service mover?

Let us read below, how can you prepare yourself before the movers arrive at your door. Of course, you may not want to create chaos, after the movers have already reached your door.

  • Clear out your house- Consider cleaning one room at a time and discard any unused items you find. Categorize them into boxes labeled donating, trash and keep.
  • Pack personal items in advance- You may set up a time when you pack all your precious items like chargers, toiletries, jewelry, and gadgets. Also, you may consider putting all your medicines as well as a change of clothes in a convenient place. By doing so, you will avoid creating a mess as soon as you reach your new home.
  • Label breakable or valuable items- If you label your belongings, the movers, and packers' team will be careful while they pack any glassware or precious items.
  • Take a backup of your documents- Ensure taking a backup of all important files on your laptops or computers, as you may not want to lose them at any cost.
  • Mark your items- Consider labeling all your belongings, as this will help the movers to arrange boxes as per your satisfaction. For example, you can put all the master bedrooms items in a box labeled as the same.
  • Declutter your mess- Kitchenware, laundry items, tools, and other essentials would be easy to move if they are organized properly. Decluttering your house will make the movers more productive and you may enjoy a seamless moving experience.
  • Managing non-permissible items- A moving company will deny handling any dangerous, biodegradable items or even plants. Also, you should not move any eroding or explosive items for the safety of your family. Ensure you use any frozen items or fresh items before the moving day and gift the plants to your friends or donate them to hospitals, if you don’t want to drive them to your new home.
  • Click photos- Click photographs and close-up shots of all your items as much as you find it to be necessary. This will act as proof if any of your belongings gets damaged by the movers.
  • Quick meeting with the movers- Ensure to discuss your expectations with the full-service mover you have selected.
  • Prepare for the packing race- You may have to work hard on a moving day. Consider, arranging for some snacks and cold water, which might help you overcome your stress.


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